Columbia, South Carolina

We've been here for 2 long years. It's like pulling teeth to get ANY help in the fabric & crafts dept.

IF you can get somebody to help you..the wait time is anywhere from 20 minutes to frikking NEVER! why is there NOT a person back there at all times to cut fabric, etc? All you get is a very pissed off employee, who doesn't want or most of the know how to cut the fabric. Miss poor planning.

And to whomever is ordering your fabric...they have no frikking clue of what to order. That *** is tossed in there at random.

It's as if he/she went through a pamphlet & just checked off *** to spend money on. From now on..Hobby Lobby gets my business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Service.

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Further more why should I have to wait in line. My son is in the navy, and he risks his life for you clowns, why should I have to wait in line, walmart and other stores should have a separate line for those whose family members serve our country so they can work.


Ok, This *** ^ right here..I DID NOT write. I am NOT entitled to a *** thing just because my kids are in the service.

*** troll. Get a life.