Baltimore, Maryland
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Got a buggy of groceries at Walmart and got a qt of gear oil for my boat. All stacked in line with a tag of little under $3.

Got home and receipt says $8.95! Kinda hard for them to miss stacking a whole row of oil on the WRONG price tag almost $4 over! I know that is not the only item! Scamming is what it is!

As much as I needed the oil tonight, I am taking it back tomorrow and asking for management because they need to be taught how to properly teach how to price items. We rely on stores to properly price items. Why do they even have a price tag? If the employees care less to check, fire them.

They don't care. I'm sick of stores with miss priced or no price at all.

I live over 40 miles away and can't work with this ***. Getting a pic of the oil and tag tomorrow to put on their Facebook page with a link to this post.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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So you are driving 40 miles back to Walmart over a price error or $6.00??? You don't look at what is being rung up?

The cashier is unaware of every price in the store but if you had noticed an error while she was ringing you could have simply asked her to have it checked. Did you read the label? Are you sure that the oil wasn't sitting on the shelf next to a label for an item that was currently out of stock? It is also very possible that the oil was stocked and the employee got sidetracked by a customer and forgot to change the label.

*** happens. To want somebody fired over a simple error, if that's the case, makes you a lowlife in my book.

You sound like a very angry person. Not healthy.


Also you must be mentally retarded to not realise that you paid almost $6 until you saw your receipt. Why did you not notice, were you in a rush to go home and start drinking?

If you did notice why did you not get the issue fixed right then and there. Perhaps taking a parent along with you to speak for you at the time would have helped in this case. You must be either very young or very foolish or drunk at the time or a combination of all three to not realize you were charged $6 extra.

In this case you should not reproduce. You should be forced to be sterile.