Rupert, West Virginia

On Wednesday the 18th Dec 2014 my 23year old son and I went shopping at the Walmart store # 2809 in Buckhannon, WV.

I nor anyone else in our family will ever set foot in that store again, and as a direct result of their actions we will avoid all other Walmart stores as often as possible.

It was about 2:20 pm when we got to the checkout. We had picked up some Christmas decorations, some baking supplies, other food supplies, several Blu-Ray discs, a 12 pack of Coke, and a 12 pack of Coors. Total order was expected to be around three hundred dollars which would have been in line with most of our Walmart visits.

The cashier asked if my son was of age. I assumed she meant legal drinking age and I responded with an affirmative. She then informed me that he needed to show her ID to prove that he was of legal age or she couldn’t sell me the beer. I questioned her request because it seemed ridiculous.

She told me that if he was not of legal age then I might allow him to drink the beer when I left the store and based on that Walmart policy does not allow her to sell me the beer. This implies that a shopper with a toddler can’t by beer because the toddler is under age.

I told her that that concept is absurd and if that was the case I will walk away and leave all of the items at the store. At 67 I can legally by beer anywhere that it is sold and for her to guess what I might do when I left the store is beyond reason no matter how old the person with me is.

The manager overseeing the registers came over and the situation was explained including the fact that my son would not show ID and if they insisted we would leave everything and walk out. His response was “That’s your choice, sir “. WE left everything at the register after showing the ID.

Walmart has forgotten that the retail market IS A SERVICE business. The concept that any store employee has the right to guess what I may do when I leave the store and refuse to sell me something that I can legally buy anywhere is ARROGANT, ***, and DISCRIMINATORY.

At this rate we will soon need to get permission th enter the stores and kneel to their logo. That is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. We don’t need Walmart or their GESTAPO Tactics

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"How does the cashier know that is your son and that you are not making a third party purchase? "


Just because you don't mind your freedoms being stripped away, doesn't mean the rest of us will just take it passively. This is America, where you are innocent until proven guilty.

You should never be treated as if you intend to break the law unless you can prove otherwise. If you claim I'm making a third-party purchase, the burden of proof should belong to the accuser, not the other way around.


Your freedoms are not being stripped away at a Walmart, unless those are now being run by the government. And being innocent until proven guilty is also lame- unless you were arrested for acting like a child.

I think the policy is ***, but I don't run Walmart and I don't shop there either. I think Walmart is a terrible place, NOT because of their beer policy either. Show your *** ID's when you're asked to. Otherwise, you appear to be the underage kid trying to buy beer.

"Can I see your ID, son?'


How dare you ask to see my ID!? Who do you think you are?"

That's exactly how those underage beer purchases seem to always go down.

Nice try, dude.

I think you were trying to hook up your underage son OR he isn't of age and you lied about it and didn't want to get busted about it. Great job setting a positive example!


If the cashier didn't check for IDs and it turned out that the sale was made to or for anyone underage then not only would she lose her job but she would also be prosecuted as it is breaking the law to sell to minors. That being said, you obviously are very selfish and uncaring about other people.

There is a reason you and your "son" didn't want to present your IDs and that is suspicious in itself. The policy is to card anyone who looks under the age of 40 and the cashier and manager did their job. She was not accusing you of anything but simply explaining to you the reason she has to check the IDs of everyone who is with the purchaser.She was basically giving you a scenario of what some people have or will do and such is the reason for carding everyone. Your whole argument is childish and you have no regard for any laws.

In the case of alcohol purchases, it is not up to the cashier to prove that you or anyone with you is legally of age, it is up to the customer.

It isn't a murder trial. If you only knew how totally ridiculous you sound.

First B

They were most likely following the law, or store policy. The cashier had no choice if she values her job. It is not that hard to show proper ID.

@First B

It's not their policy to demand ID from everyone present - only the buyer. Do some homework before you make yourself part of a very *** problem.


Here we go again. Someone expecting the cashier to go against company policy and the the law just for them. Typical.


I have to agree that you indeed acted childish. How does the cashier know that is your son and that you are not making a third party purchase?

How does she/he know that you weren't buying it for your underage son. Your word isnt proof. In fact his refusal to show his I'd made it that more suspicious. Telling them you were going to leave everything if you didn't get your way just made you look more childish.

Who cares if you left it and never go back? On to the next customer, you were forgotten about before you hit the door. You obviously have no regard for the law or the cashiers job.

Walmart won't miss you. Now you can be another stores problem.


WTF do either of you need booze for. Gonna give u cancer and liver disease. Spend the money on condoms so none of your children reproduce please.


You may be 67 but you act as if you are six years old. Just have your bratty son show her the ID.

You really want her to lose her job because you have pride issues? It is not store policy but the law. I like how you think them losing $300 in sales that day would harm their profit. Based on your behavior he must have thought you were two little boys trying to get Coors with fake ID.

It is not discriminatory it is law.


With laws the way they are it is better for the merchant to be safe by making sure everybody with a person buying booze is of legal age, than to get in trouble for not making sure of that. What in heaven's name is so hard about showing an ID, no matter who is buying the booze.


It is called being stubborn and acting like a six year old. That is why the son did not show the ID.