Pueblo West, Colorado
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First of all if your looking for customer service why in Gods Green Earth would you go to Walmart. There associates aren't trained to so nothing except slave for the giant retailer not to the fault of the associates, they work there tails off.

The company is so top heavy it's not funny. Assistant, co, store, market, compliance and the list goes on and on, all making more money than they deserve while the associates fight over hours and there measly pay. Let's not forget about all the businesses that had to close because of this company.

Bottom line, if we the people stop shopping at these large corporate monsters they could not survive. So where does the problem lie, it's time the we the people stand our ground.

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And then all the associates would be out of a job so a few mom and pop stores could open. However measley the pat and hours are now, I'm sure its better than NOTHING.