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This is kiting and fraud operation engineered by WalMart to make extra float on your money and launder it as genuine revenue to pad their books! I had the same.

I paid CASH for a gift and made an order at They cancelled the order within MINUTES yet are still holding the money hostage 13 hours later! They also cited "security" as the issue. The only fraud I see is going on on THEIR end!

It's interesting that money they claim isn't good enough to buy products from their site, yet it's perfectly good enough to earn a float from what they are claiming are fraudulent funds!

I'm pretty sure there is a RICO violation somewhere in there! The FTC seriously needs to look into this scam and SHUT IT DOWN!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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And of course you are the same shills "downvoting" my review to cover for your bosses! Ha!


Oh you poor butthurt shills coming on as "Anonymous" and "random"! Kiting is using float to your advantage.

They are sitting on the refund and using money that is not rightfully theirs to get float. Use your names next time, you company shills!


This is what kiting is. People used to do it alot but you usually can't get away with it anymore.

In the past, clearing checks between banks took extended periods of time.

Individuals used to take advantage of this delay and wrote "bad" checks to deposit funds before the checks were cashed.

Banks have tried to cut down on kited checks by placing holds on deposited funds and charging for returned checks.

Santa Clara, California, United States #995204

You need to look up the definition of kiting.


This is not a scam. Online stores do this all the time.

Yes, the money seems to be taken out of your account right away and so you expect it to be returned right away. It doesn't work that way.

Refunds can take 3-5 business days to appear back on your statement regardless of how short a timeframe between the purchase and refund, and in the case of gift cards it can take upwards of 30 days because there is rarely any information to verify that gift card belongs to a specific person unlike a debit card that has your name and account number. So no, this is not Walmart scamming you, this is an industry wide practice and neither the FCC, BBB , CTC or FTC will do anything about it.

to MattD78 #995186

Of course it's a scam! Just because you take it and like it doesn't mean I have to! You can have it!

to MattD78 #995188

And don't think I didn't look at your comments defending every company that complaints are made of! You should cover yourself more carefully, dude!

to JacobNixon #995190

At least I can see who your clients which is a good thing! LOL!

to JacobNixon Melbourne, Florida, United States #995196

Used to work in retail. There is a difference.

to JacobNixon Melbourne, Florida, United States #995191

I don't need to cover myself, I stand behind every comment I make. And if you are so thorough in your research you will see that I will defend a customer and even offer help when they are being screwed. But I will not abide an ignorant comment because someone doesn't know how things in retail work.

to MattD78 #995194

OF COURSE you know "how things in retail work"! YOU WORK FOR THEM!

I know a kiting scam when I see one. Just because it's "common practice" doesn't make it any less of a scam.

Insider trading is technically legal too!

Now go shill somewhere else before you blow your cover even more!

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