Plainfield, Illinois
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bought Walmart gift cards a few times for my 90 year old mother because I THOUGHT they would be easy for her to deal with. NOT!!!!!!

I went with her shopping at walmart in Lafayette,IN planned on using 2 gift cards. one was expired They told me to call the 800 number on back. I did and finally got thru 3 hours later,which was a joke.

They would not issue a new card which is what the store told me they would do. Since we did not know the correct balance on the other one we could not use it either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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shut up hayley you little self centered *** as for you jedi knight, don't talk like that to me and don't tell me what to do. I already am a drug dealer but my *** mother ratted me out.

I'm hoping she won't catch me again but she's been happy ever since I've been slipping a little *** into her coffee every morning. works like a charm. I have some more bad news today.

Walmart wouldn't do a price match on their prescriptions for drugs that are sold on the streets. losers.


Do people watch Jedi Knight Ethan? All this person does is say hateful things on numerous complaints. Type in Jedi Knight Ethan and do a search!



I guess giving a gift card is much more convenient that using cash.


Walmart gift cards do not expire! At least do a little research before you make up a lie!


AND grow up, seriously attacking people resulting to childish name calling. Your mother did a poor job of raising you that I am surprised you are not out selling drugs and your body.


Maybe they did not want to help you because of your childish behavior such as you suck. Instead of using crack on yourself have you ever considered being a drug dealer or drug runner? Don't even think of selling your body because with your attitude no one wants you.


sorry everyone for flipping out. truth is, I stole the gift cards for my mom and I was hoping walmart wouldn't notice.

but I was dumb and realized that a gift card had to be activated. out of frustration, I slapped my mother in Walmart and she was knocked out. when she woke up, she punched me and had the nerve to call the police about my stash of crack in the closet in my bedroom. she won't be getting any of it anymore.

screw all of you and screw walmart for not accepting stolen gift cards! they wouldn't even at least use half of the amount that I said was on them, I offered to give them the rest of it.

oh well. goodbye, I need to go grab my bong.


this woman, or man, is nuts!


I might let you all know I have been in retail for 30 years and never treated people that way. Also I will go to Kroger to purchase Gift cards they will reload if expired and balance is left on it because they already have the money.

By the way I said it was expired I DID not say a few years!! You all talk like *** customers.

Do not come to my store to get a job because YOUR ATTUIDES SUCK. Just like true Walmart employees.Customer Service HHHMMMM whats that Not at Walmart


Grow up seriously!


Generally if you don't use them in a year or two they slowly *** ten percent every month or something like that. So it is your own fault you made life harder for your mother. Which is a shame because she took good care of you.(Well maybe not if she did not teach you to take responsibility) You are the one who let her down.


well then next time, don't wait a few years to use a gift card.