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Made a purchase today and was going to use 2 left over gift cards that I had. One I was sure had a substantial amount of money on..

I was told I only had 2 dollars on it and she kept the card. During the day my mother was rushed to the hospital so I didn't give it much thought until I got home and looked at receipt, I actually had 110.64! On the card that I was told thee was only 2 dollars on and the card was kept..I intend to do whatever or make whatever scene I need to to resolve this and get MY money back.

This is a disgrace and it is theft and I will pursue this if it isn't resolved. This isn't 5 dollars this is 100 and it will be resolved

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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You didn't give much thought to $100 at the register? You probably spent the money and "forgot".


I'm sorry that this happened. Be sure to take the receipt with you as it also has the teller number and the register number at the top.

With those they will be able to identify for sure who did it and at which register it happened. If you should ever get another gift card from Walmart, I believe that you can go to the website to check the balance on it, that way this does not happen again.


If your gift card was a Walmart gift card your reciept will give you a beginning balance and an ending balance.. if the cashier only took $2.oo off it and their was more than that on it your receipt will show what was remaining.. If you take your receipt back to the store and it explain the situation to a Manager (no yelling is needed) they will take care of your problem..