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on June 9th 2014 at approximately 17:27 :41 hours I purchase a gift card for $100 but later I found out that my card was stolen.So I made a report with green dot I was then told to get my receipt and fax it over I did that and then I was given a reference number and the reference number is f p 17766 10. I told that I should receive my refund check by the 28th of June.Now today is the 7th of July and I have not received my refund check .so I called and then I was told that someone else has claimed ownership of my gift cards. all I want is just my hundred dollar gift card I've been a total of $105 and 44 cents on this gift card please reimburse name is Chantel Barksdale and I can be reached at (916) 893-0183 and my and my claim number is f f 95 256 and then on June 12 2014 I was given another number which is FP 17766 10 I just wanna get this over with andbe reimbursed thank you very much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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I've never heard of anyone replacing a gift card. They are like cash.

If you lose it--too bad...They might have a system to automatically void a stolen or lost card if they can get the number entered before it is used. Apparently, they could not...