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So wwnt to Wal-Mart to get se shorts for my hunnie. Had to return them, took them!to the walmart on lake june in balch spring tx, i mean because the i didn't have my receipt i was willin to get a gift card!

But the girl or any of thier supervisors could even find another pair of shorts to do the return! So they claim it wasn't thier product, sure! So i said forget it went to another walmart, had no problem returning the shorts took all of 3min ,no line ,no bad attitude and i got my cash! The walmart off lake june is horrible your own employees didn't even know about your savings catcher program!

We had to wait in a already loooong line with the 5 lines open after 5, to call thier super lazy supervisor to enter in his codes, then he entered it in wrng , 15 min extra wait,because obviously i didn't hve the already scan barcode! But tht is because your app barcode scanner sucks!!

Smh! Overall the customer service thier is extremely bad!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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What a bunch of tards. they wouldn't let me return 3 pairs of briefs that I found to be too tight.

1 had a tiny skid mark in it and they threw it back in my face and told me to get out. I now wear thongs.


Do you expect ANYONE to take you seriously when you can't spell, let alone form complete sentences? Seriously, I had to read your comment THREE TIMES to even halfway comprehend what you were saying. People like you make it difficult for everyone who has a legitimate complaint.

Please at least LOOK like you have the education level of a rhesus monkey at a minimum next time.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #887257

I am wondering what a hunnie is, perhaps honey? But the way it is used does not make sense. Is long being misspelled because she cannot spell or is she playing it thick to emphasize that she had to wait long by adding the extra o's.


First of all you have no right calling anyone old enough to hold a job a "girl" when you are the one acting like a child. Your own fault you lost the receipt.

They have the right to refuse the refund.

Isn't it about time you stopped acting like a three year old and acted your age. I like how you call the supervisor lazy, when you are too lazy to run a spell check.


Before you complain about other people not knowing something, make sure you know how to spell correctly, use proper punctuation, and grammar. Not all stores in a chain handle the same products.

Even between the three WalMarts in the town that I live in don't all handle the same merchandise. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Next time take your "hunnie" with to try clothes on.

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