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don't appreciate being treated like a common criminal by the Walmart store and their associates I spend hundreds maybe thousands of dollars in their store and they can't do a simple return cuz I ain't got one of their 50,000 receipts for my purse I'm just appalled at their customer service it's almost like a game well you don't have your receipt so we have to give you a gift card but we can't give you more than 3 gift cards and you become high risk and you have to be on our list of no returns for 6 months a hundred and eighty days

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree with everyone as I said, keep your receipt and you won't have an issue. Good thing this person is not black or they would be playing the race card when they have to follow the exact same rules as the rest of us.


I work in Retail Management & see customers returning everything you can imagine for a variety of reasons. Once I actually had a customer tell me he didn't have a receipt because his car caught fire that morning.

Still my favorite. My advice when doing returns is to ALWAYS bring your receipt. It will make the return much, much easier.

Not only for yourself but also the customer service associates.

First B

You never know the car story could have happened. Sometimes things happen and people lose receipts, I see nothing wrong with getting store credit in this case, after all they lost the receipt and have not proof of payment so at least the money still goes to the store instead of them getting a refund and not returning, however in the OP's case where she loses a receipt every week and makes a return with a lost receipt every week I can see why they would be strict with her.


Why cant this merchant send e reciepts they are just as big as kmart or bigger than anyway that way the consumer has a choice to put all that paper in their wallets


They do have ereciepts. You have to use their app, or go to


Why in the world can't people manage to keep receipts and why in the world do they return so many items. I don't think I've returned 2 items in the last 5 years.

Unless, of course, you are trying to pull some kind of immoral scam which is probably the case.

Just throw the receipt in a box by the door or in the car console until you are certain you don't need it. It's just so easy.


From your spelling, grammar and the fact that you cannot keep a receipt you are obviously six years old. Next time give the receipt to mommy and you will not have an issue.


well lets see I was pretty annoyed when I put this email in so my spelling may have been a little off but my point is I went to Walmart for shopping this Christmas holiday about 8 times I could have dropped about 40 receipts at the register along with gift receipts but not the ones I needed oh well no sympathy here moving along


It doesn't matter. The rules are there to keep the cpst down.

If they broke the rule for you, they would have to do it for everybpdy. That would cause more people to return stuff they never bought, and then you would be complaining about rising costs.


Apparently you have making too many returns. Most stores get "testy" when people make too many returns, especially when you don't have the receipt.

I'm sure if you owned a store you would have a similar policy. Maybe you should take better care of your receipts. Whenever I think I might have to return an item I make sure I keep the receipt in a safe place and if I decide for sure I do want to return an item I put the item and the receipt in a bag until I get to whatever store. It saves a lot of hassle.

Along with learning to be more efficient, you should also learn how to capitalize, and punctuate.

Also, there isn't any such word, as "cuz." It should be because. I will skip the criticism of the word "ain't" being they now include it in dictionaries, but way back when I was in elementary school we were taught that there "ain't any such word as ain"t." Using the word just doesn't make a person sound educated.