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On Jan 5th and 8pm I visited this store to pick up 20 dollars worth of food for my house hold. In a hurry, I used the self check out lane.

Ran my card and the computer froze on me! After half an hour of trying to explain(I had a atm print out of my before and after) that the money was taken out of my account I was literally told to leave or have the cops called on me! I left in tears without my food or money. The manager at the time smirked at me while he and his employees made comments like "can't fix ***/some people shouldn't be allowed in public/come on preacher...even Jesus was disgusted by liars and thieves".

This man sincerely seemed to enjoy threatening me. The next morning I got on the phone and my financial institution informed me that the money was not sent back to my account. So I spent 3 hours, half of which was on hold, with customer complaints trying to figure out where it had gone. Finally fed up I called the store directly, asked for the manager by name, spoke to him for 3 minutes before being put on hold for 26 mins.

At that point a csm got on the line and at first was not helpful at all until i told her the entire conversation, or lack of, was being recorded and I was going to turn it in. So I was informed to come get my groceries and a 20 dollar gift card for my troubles. I was able to return to the store that evening. Thinking this would be simple enough I went to the front desk and tada they had no idea what I was talking about.

It took half an hour of arguing (yes I argued this time) being told no one was there to issue a gift card to which I replied ok well that's fine I need my groceries though. "ma'am we can't allow you to just go grab what you want and leave".

Wal-Mart is a multi million perhaps even billion dollar company and these employees are treating me like trash over 16.99? Then think that a 20 dollar gift card makes it all better?!

Why not train your employees better and find management that doesn't smirk in the distraught face of a mother trying to feed her kids while allowing and taking part in bullying her. Why not purchase self check out software and hardware that actually works? I am still upset and angry about this situation. And to the head manager, Norman, putting an upset woman on hold does not make the problem go away.

I'm far from done with this site and it's employees. I will use every resource I can find to let them know treating customers with this level of disrespect is not just uncalled for but also disgusting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Scott Depot, West Virginia, United States #1267431

I have shopped at Walmart for years. I have always had a bank account with money in it, and never ever had a payment issue ever!!! Just Sayin.

Bentonville, Arkansas, United States #929924

We got something honey coated and sweet if you want it lady. We are Walmart, suck on that.

Hammond, Louisiana, United States #927306

The extremely crude and plain ridiculous statements on here are not mine...I have been hacked. :-)

to pixiewings83 #927356

BS, that is usually what people say when they make foolish posts.

Hammond, Louisiana, United States #927293

Wow! My account got hacked.

Smh. Enjoy my friend.

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. How bored you must be...

to Anonymous #927357

Yeah your account was "hacked" tell us another lie honey.

First Born Triplet
to KevinRichards Ontario, Canada #928381

I think you know something about the "hacked" account that you are not telling us, funny how accounts are hacked on this site and you are always responding to the "hacker" right away.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #928380

Your account was not hacked, frankly I don't think anyone on this site is smart enough to *** an account, they simply copied your name and location as you can use any alias on this site,

Hammond, Louisiana, United States #927136

I was not ripping anyone off. The groceries I purchased that evening were to get us through the next couple of days until the kids go back to school.

I needed them and paid for them. The manager asked me to leave at crying was causing other customers to stop and ask what was going on. I refused to leave without my purchases. When I refused to leave several times he informed me to leave the property or he would call the cops.

My financial institution is in fact a prepay card for child support and while friendly they aren't going to hunt it down for me. As for the hard ware / software Wal-Mart is responsible for it's hickups. Rather all software has issues is not the issue here. The situation was caused by a malfunctioning kiosk they installed.

I was informed by the customer support number that the money should have been sent back within thirty mins of the kiosk being rebooted, it was not. And 3-5 business days was said by one employee, 24 hrs by another, 30 mins by another, the manager said he didn't know.

I did not have enough money to repurchase at the moment and worry about it later.

to Christine Calera, Alabama, United States #927291

pull sum hairs out yo asscrack and place on keypad

Tampa, Florida, United States #927111

If they are going to cause this much trouble over a few dollars, teach them a lesson. go get a can of brake cleaner from automotive and spray it into the slot where u place cash.

That machine will be jackedup for good. too funny.


No matter how big of hurry I am in I never use the self check outs. There is something really weird about your story.

to anonymous Hammond, Louisiana, United States #927211

Yeah the weird thing about this story is retards like you commenting on my review without knowing the whole story. The weird thing is the manager supports terrorists, he did not try telling the paki in front of me that she should not be using the checkouts if she is going to be slow.

That paki complained about me, yeah I was getting anxious, I had a job interview which I was late for because he would not let me get my groceries, he told me other customers were complaining about me as well for the "abusive" language towards that terrorist. He did not give me my food, money. I sometimes use EBT to pay for groceries, I have a feeling he was treating me like *** because of this. The sad thing is terrorists and illegal immigrants are allowed to get jobs here while I have been to interviews and did not get a job because I don't have a college degree.

I got pregnant at 19 and had to raise my children. Being a single mom is hard. I feel like I am being discriminated for being a single mom. My children went staving two days because of this.

Their father offered me money for food but I told him no I can handle this on my own. He thinks that I cannot handle responsibility and that I need help with feeding the children. Honestly I would rather have them starve for two days than take money from him.

I am divorced and this made me look bad to him like I cannot handle feeding my children. Once I get a job I will take him to court, declare him unfit and he will never see the children again.

to pixiewings83 #927215

In other words it is okay for you to discriminate against Indians, but they cannot discriminate against single parents on WIC. Your ex is offering to help but you would rather keep them hungry than take money from him, yet you take money from charity. You are a piece of work and your husband should read your review and keep the kids from you.

to KevinRichards Hammond, Louisiana, United States #927303

Sorry Mr Richards, that was not my comment...

to pixiewings83 #927359

Of course this "was not" your comment and you were "hacked" . Funny how your hacker lives in the same city and state as you live in.

I hope your husband gets a report of this and the courts really do believe that you were "hacked" either way you should not be having children you cannot afford. In other words stop spreading your legs until you can feed your children.

to pixiewings83 #927360

Claiming you were hacked when I called you out on your own racist comments is very immature indeed.

to pixiewings83 Troy, Ohio, United States #929761

You're the unfit one. Pouring your pride before the welfare of your children...

Also, the baseless accusations against this so-called terrorist.

Unless this lady was literally ticking like a bomb, I don't see how you could conclude that she's a terrorist other than her skin color.

Yet...YOU'RE the one being discriminated against? Lol

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #927026

i'd like to comment on a few parts of this if I may.

firstly, the deduction is being "held" till it settles on the banks end. they can usually get it cleared up so they should have been contacted and been willing to help since all they have to do its get in touch with WalMarts bookkeeping dept or whomever handles these things.

next I can't see why they'd ask you to leave the store and threaten to call the cops unless you were becoming irate/loud/abusive or something along those lines because if not you could get yourself a lawyer and demand they release their video tape of the incident.

about the part where you talked to your "financial institution", of course the money was not sent back almost none are automatic, many can take 2-3 business days to settle back. no one should EVER expect it back right away, even if this was a return of an item you shouldn't expect it back right away.

if they did in fact tell you that you could get your groceries and a $20 gift card you should have asked for a name and some kind of verification #/code or what have you because anyone can make up stories like this trying to get little bits of $$$ at a time. yes they're a HUGE company with BILLIONS in profits but that still doesn't give people the right to rip them off, not that i'm saying you were trying to, but hopefully you get my meaning.

lastly about the software/hardware point you brought up.

in a perfect world everything electronic/software based would work 100% of the time , but unfortunately it doesn't, there are and will always be hiccups it just sucks when you are caught in the middle of one. hopefully they do make good on this issue and take care of you or at the least your "financial institution" makes sure the $$$ is back in the account if no final receipt is found of this transaction in their system.

to notgivingit Hammond, Louisiana, United States #927209

I was not irate with them, I was arguing with another customer prior to this incident. The paki in line in front of me was taking her own sweat time with the self checkouts and I was in a hurry and I admit to calling her racial names and telling her to go back home where she comes from because terrorists are not welcome here.

But I may have been loud with the manager because this terrorist already pushed my buttons.

I was angry because something that should have took two minutes turned out to take 11 minutes and I was late for a job interview. The first incident was between me and that terrorist so it had nothing to do with them.

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