North Manchester, Indiana

I did a survey for a $250 gift card free an never recieved it.260 665-1184 I spent along time doing this survey an I think its a bunch of *** that the company did not follow threw.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Orange, California, United States #907535

Get mommy to read the full instructions to you, she will tell you that it is from a random draw and the chances of winning are based on how many people entered the survey. You are obviously a child if you cannot use common sense.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #893958

If you can read, you'd know that you only had a chance to win UNLESS you work there. If you work there, you have no chance.

I don't see how this is a complaint anyways.

Free is free and we should be thankful that we have such opportunities. Some people don't have it as easy as you and I will bet that they even work harder than you.

to realm188 #894191

Like many other people on this site I don't think this person knows how to read. Why else would they shop at Walmart

to KevinRichards Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #907492

It's such a sad thing when a grown man can't read. Many people just choose to be *** and they know it is wrong. But when something bad happens they suddenly change.


Gift cards are awarded by lottery, and not every survey-taker will receive a gift card, but will be eligible for the drawing. There are no participation prizes. Employees are not eligible to take the survey.

First Born Triplet
to Thankyouforshopping #888639

I agree if this were the case our family would be getting 10 of these gifts and hundreds if we asked if each and every item is put on one bill.

to First Born Triplet Orange, California, United States #907536

See even a retarded 13 year old has more common sense than you.


Before doing the survey you should have asked an adult first. Seriously the adult would have been able to tell you that the chances of winning are slim and they would have read the terms and conditions and told you that it is all in place of a draw, and only a few lucky winners would have won the gift card.

An adult would be more logical and know that if they gave $250 to everyone that participated in the survey that they would lose a lot of money.

So before you around saying this is a bunch of *** have an adult read all the messages to you about the survey then submit it and see what your chances of winning are. Good luck.

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