Polk, Pennsylvania
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Over a month ago I ordered 2 gift cards for Christmas gifts. Today is Christmas Eve and I still have not received the cards.

After several futile attempts with Walmart, all I am getting us the run around. I've been trying to get this solved, giving them my order number and name, filling out the required information they asked for, to no avail.

I asked for a refund ($100) but am constantly ignored. They are going there best to rip the consumer off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Oh and one more thing, before anyone asks me why I had to order online instead of buy from their stores, it is because I am banned from shopping at any Walmart for a year because I was caught shoplifting. I know that after this incident I should not have bought gift cards from them.

I did it for two reasons. One being my friends shop there all the time(the ones that I wanted to give the gift cards to.

Second they heard rumors about the shoplifting. I thought that if I got them gift cards from Walmart that this would put a stop to these rumors because they would think I would not spend money at a shop that I was caught stealing from and because I went in store to buy the gift cards.


It's funny, it took a couple days after I contacted you to finally receive my gift cards. A little late (4 weeks) and I was not able to give as gifts.

This cost us and additional $100+ to buy Visa cards to replace the Walmart cards. I will never do this again!