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The Walmart Gift card is a total scam, I was sent a Walmart gift card to use for Christmas and it cannot be activated or used because there is a hold on the card. Walmart employees can't help.

The outsourced labor in the Philippines can't help, but they have the $100 and I get nothing. I am a single mother that was counting on using the card for my four small children. Bah Humbug to to Walmart and their gift card service, which is scamming people out of their money and Christmas cheer.

They are stealing from small children and single working mothers. Can you possibly get any lower than that?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Just got some advice from my grandma who happens to be quite the legal begal-

She said that you should go to the Attorney General of your state and file a complaint because there are more likely others.

Are we just going to let this go? I don't think that's an option; Walmart already gets away with murder. And after they've bought everybody out and put everyone else out of business, they'll be able to charge whatever they want for anything and everything.


Yup, just tried to use my 2 giftcards today (I earned them for my test scores from my school) and they wouldn't work either. No one at Walmart could give me an explanation other than it's been happening to EVERYONE who has bought WALMART giftcards and that they have had major complaints.

Like I said, my giftcards came from my school and I'm curious to see if the other students who received them had the same problem which is plausable. My grandma and I seem to think that they sold people jipped out cards. I mean it would be one thing if just a few people were having this problem every once in a while, that's understandable; but the MANAGER OF THE YREKA, CA WALMART told me that not a single person that recieved a giftcard (I'm guessing within the last few months) has been able to use them.

Way to go Walmart; you figured out a way to scam more people out of more money. All I have to say is I HOPE THEY FIX THIS QUICK BEFORE THEY GET SUED.