I bought a pair of glasses at the vision center and payd almost 300 out of pocket after insurance. The glasses kept loosing the scew where it holds the plastic covers to your nose.

I returned at least 3 times by the 4th time i decided to get a new pair. The same problem occurred i returned to the center and asked for my glasses to be repaired. The employee then took my glssses to the back to work on them as she came back out she went straight to her coworker and started to whisper. I asked if everything was om then she stated the glasses broke and were not repairable.

I then asked what the process was after she broke my glasses. She stated i had to purchase a new frame full price bur then she stated she could give me a 20% discount. I was shocked at her responce and she was very rude blaming me that they were already broken. I asked to speak to rhe supervisor and was told she would be in during the week and they didn't have a phone number for her to give to me.

I graved my glasses went home. I kept calling the center asking for the manager and was always told she wasnt in or was in a meeting. I finally decided to contact corporate office and made my complaint. Not even 24 hrs passed when rhey contacted me and reviewed my complaint.

She then told me that my glasses were replacevable for free and that the supervisor was going to call me back to apologize. Sure enought the same day the supervisor called and askes for me to come back so they could place my order.

All this when all they had to do was replace my glasses without all the bs.


That same day i received my glasses decided to pick up my kids order 2 pairs that i ordered 2 weeks before. Guess what happened. They were giving me someone elses order and didn't even read the names. As i explained to them they were the wrong glasses they kept telling me that it was my order.

As i picked up the ticket i read out loud the name and it was not even close to my kids. Sucks

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