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I was recently in a Walmart in Omaha Nebraska on 99th st.after waiting 40 minutes by the swimming pools that were on saleand asking acashier to find someone to help us as no one seemed to be available in the storemy wife finally found an associate in the Automotive department.after talking to him a minute about the pools ,he literally told her he did not give a rats *** .we walked out and now trying to get someone to call us back on the Rudeand frustrating experience we had very very disappointed customer and really pissed offthe way we were treated.tried to get ahold of the manager but no luck even called Bentonville and got the runaroundthere.never shop at Walmart again until an apology is made from the 99th Street Walmart in Omaha Nebraska very dissatisfied customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I commend you on trying to speak to the Manager, and, contacting the store. Very few people do that.


I was there with a go pro camera and there is no exaggeration. It happened as stated.

If you notice the clown that always posts in walmarts defense posts same thing over and over. Typing skills and exaggeration.

to Anonymous #866683

If you notice, most of their shoppers have poor grammar skills.

to Anonymous #871394

LOL! You seem to be everywhere don't you?

I was there, with a go pro camera, in your bathroom, watching you j/o! You shot across the room!


Do you exaggerate very often? Instead of worrying about how you were treated and buying a swimming pool, I would spend time improving your typing skills.

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