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I purchased 4 Goodyear Wrangler tires at the Conyers, GA Walmart a couple of years ago for my Toyota pickup. I have always been diligent to get them rotated and balanced every 2 oil changes (6000 miles).

I moved from Conyers and went to my local Walmart and the first 2 rotation/balance events went satisfactory. This past November it was time to have them done again. This time the tires on the drivers rear just would not balance, I took it back the next weekend because I do have a job to go to daily. Again, they balanced all 4 tires.

I asked the mechanic as he came into the waiting area how bad they were out of balance. He told me they were pretty bad but he got it straightened out. On the trip home they were actually worse. The next weekend again I go to Walmart, again the mechanic rebalanced the tires, again the mechanic said that they were out .

This went on 3 more times. I even took it to another Walmart. I talked with the auto center manager and she said she would have to go up the ladder for an answer. I talked with the senior store manager who talked to the service manager and they decided to rotate one tire 180 degrees on the wheel and rebalance.

It still did not fix the problem. Please keeps in mind that this was routine maintenance. The tires did not feel like they needed balancing. I was doing preventive maintenance.

The service manager called a Charles Gilcrease. He said that since the tires had more than one year, that there was nothing they could do. I am no where near the lifespan of the tread life. They took the DOT number and there was not a recall on the tire.

I did purchase the road hazard lifetime rotate and balance option when I bought the tires. I am not receiving "satisfaction guaranteed" service from Walmart.

I will not shop in their automotive area ever again. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Rotation.

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The issue is not with the tires. If it was a uniformity, (vibration), issue, it would have been apparent day one or after the first tire rotation.

Your issue is cupping or feathering, which is a mechanical wear issue usually due to alignment or suspension problems. Although you may have had the tires rotated every 6K, you did nto mention an alignment check/adjustment every 12K


I bought 4 Goodyears at a Goodyear Store in Palm Harbor, FL. Same thing happened, their "expert technicians" did not know how to balance tires.

Went to Walmart in Oldsmar, they balanced and cured the problem during an oil change. Its where you go and who works on the car.


I am a walmart grease monkey and I don't like most of the tires we sell, but there are some good ones. The biggest problem most people have is not knowing which tires are the best for their vehicle.

Know your vehicle and learn which tires go on it simply by looking at your vehicles tire information placard. It gives you tire size, speed rating, load index and most importantly the GVWR( gross vehicle weight ratio). Don't just pick the right size and ignore the other things just because you want the cheapest.

In short, get to know your automobile. Thank you.


so bottom line is you had deffective tires and was not Walmarts FAULT


that what you get for being cheap. buying walmart tires.

they are what we call club tires. namebrand names but 2nds and blems. sold to you the cheapskate walmart shopper. i have a sucker come into my shop every week with their walmart specials and complain about a skake.

we just laugh. rebalance the tires with our road force balancer and tell them you get what you pay for.


I can tell from your spelling that you will always have your head under the hood. This vehicle is not my principal vehicle.

It is a toy, and to used around the acreage. I am sure you have plenty of work since you are ASE certified and playing on the computer. I could go on bantering with you for hours, but I won't stoop so low as to talk over your head as to how I earn my living.

I just wish you well, and have a knuckle busting day. I have nothing else to discuss with YOU.


SADLY, your comment does not phase me. Shade tree grease monkey.

HAHA! You coffie drinking sliper wearing lushes are all the same. Man up son! Im beting you vibration will return.

Oh, and yea I do own a payd off Tower Snapon box. And it deffentily cost more than you vehicle..


OK, here is the outcome. I took my truck to a Goodyear Tire Dealer in Athens. The Goodyear rep was scheduled to be there the next day. I showed up at 10am. and the owner described to the Goodyear rep my situation. I offered to pay for the diagnosis whatever the outcome. The first thing they did was to check the wheels (all 4) for wheel stress. All checked out fine, then they went to balancing the tires. 3 out of 4 were out of balance. I took it down the road and returned to tell them and reported that the vibration had moved from the left rear to the left front, and asked the rep to ride with me and feel for himself. He drove and found the vibration himself. Upon returning to the Goodyear dealer, he asked the tech to break down the tire, he wanted to see the inside. He found that the "vulcanizing" process had failed inside of the tire. He explained as the 4" of the overlap of the vulcanizing was loose (flap) and the speed of the balancing machine would show that the tire was out of balance at different times because of the temperature of the tire at the different times it was checked for being in balance. I showed him my paperwork on having the tires balanced so many times. He said to the Goodyear dealer to replace all 4 tires and record the DOT number and to provide me with road hazard warranty and no charge balance for life, and all this at no cost to me.

So, what I have to say is this. Sure Walmart sold me the tires. They just did not have the knowledge nor the authority to do what the Goodyear dealer and Goodyear rep did. The situation is fixed, I am happy. I just wish that Walmart had a better relationship with the manufacturer and passed the problem on to him.

Sure, I took a chance buying tires at Walmart, yes I was quick to SUSPECT the blame on Walmart (Dani's comment) but the tire was ultimately bad.

SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL, your comment was well received, and you provided a very civil recommendation to look deeper into the cause. Thank you.

Quattrodrft, your comment calling me *** must be your higher education showing. I am sure you tell your customers that they are *** to their face. Being ASE certified doesn't mean *** unless you are able to fix the problem rather than put blame on others. All of the new car dealers hire ASE certified parts changers. There are many horror stories of how car dealers rip off the customer (mechanics padding hours, providing services that are not needed nor required, changing parts that dont need changing, etc) so don't throw up that you are ASE certified and expect car owners to bow down to you - it isn't happening here! Your attitude labels you as nothing more than a shade tree grease monkey, so come on down off your gold plated Snap-On tool box and add something constructive as to how to fix a situation. And by the way, allow me to offer you a cup of ***


First off. As an ASE cert Tech.

Id like to say as much as I HATE walmart and there 8 dollar an hr Unquallifyd tire tech's.

You have somthing else going on with your vehicle. Secondly, you your self no nothing of the mechanics involved. 3rd As many have said before. Take it to A REAL shop and have an ASE tech diag your apparent suspension/ drive axle problem!

Bet you never new that even your axle's could cause the vibration. (Shaft Vib). So stop blaming other people for your stupidity!


Goodyear tires blow! Trust me, I get payd 23 dollars an hr to know!


People, why do you go to WalMart in the first place?? WalMart DOES NOT have competent mechanics.

If you want a competent mechanic, go local! My mechanic charges 20 bucks an hour, and his work is 110%! ("Classy Chassis", Westfield, NY) You want to save money, okay.

But local shops often are as cheap or just a little bit more than WalMart, yet the customer service will be superior! :upset


People, Why do you all continue to shop at Walmart? Do you expect to believe that competent mechanics work there?

Support your local businesses, often you will find a real honest to goodness mechanic that knows his stuff AND doesn't charge hardly anything!

I go to a mechanic who has a labor rate of only 20 bucks an hour AND I know the work is done 110%. Again, stick with local businesses!


This was routine maintenance. I did not feel they really needed a rebalance.

The condition I posted started when Walmart balanced the tires. 1 hour before that the tires felt fine....keyword routine maintenance. So, yes, I am quick to blame Walmart.

The shocks were put on within a week of the new tires as well as an alignment. To allude that I was wasting Walmart's time was not called for, as "Satisfaction Guaranteed" is the order of business.


:eek ,Danie is correct there are a lot of things that may seem to be tire balance. Rim problems, front end problems, bad shocks, spring problems, brake problems and on and on, you might want to take your vehicle to another shop for a second opinion.

:zzz , and you still could have some bad tires. :cry


When a tire doesn't balance it is not always the tire itself. It can be the rim itself.

From what I gather from your postings, it sounds as though the tires were in balance at the store, and when put on the vehicle. There are numerous things that can make it feel as though the tires are out of balance, and depending on the driving and location, that can put the tires out of balance. You stated that you bought the tires a couple of years ago - a lot can happen to a vehicle, tires, and rims in a couple of years. As far as a suggestion goes?

I like the fact that you took the initiative to post your posting. I'm concerned that you are very quick to put blame on the Walmart automotive department, which you have stated have continually balanced your tires, weekend after weekend.

I suggest that you get your vehicle checked out, as opposed to wasting their time rebalancing and rebalancing when clearly the tire itself is not the problem. Good ol' LCS for anyone who understand that ;)