Mishawaka, Indiana
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The receipt *** are amazing. They CAN request to see your receipt, and you can decline.

The problem is that when you decline, they cannot trap you and then demand to see your receipt--they cannot detain you. A police officer can detain you with probable cause. I legitimately paid for my merchandise, and don't think it's my job to do their job. Call the police if you have a problem, walmart, but quit treating paying customers like criminals, i'm not showing you my receipt, you charged my credit card, got my money, now back off and go "catch" real shoplifters.

None of you understand the law or customer service? Good job, uhm, no,

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are right about that, but if you notice closely you will notice that these greeters have issues, something is wrong, they are just doing what they are scripted to do and have no brain power to think of their own, if they are asked by the manager to show the receipt, they will do so, if they are asked by the manager to tell every tenth customer to go to he11 they will do so, or maybe not since they probably don't know how to count to ten. Just show them the receipt not because you are required to, but out of politeness, because these people are usually mentally retarded or deformed in another way so any conversation will make them smile.