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North Ames walmart Ames Iowa. Left a cart FULL of groceries because the cashier was talking to her customer and not scanning.

(A friend and from what I'm told, a co-worker) Really. She'd remember, scan an item then stop scanning and start talking again. I asked if she could please scan while she talked (as nicely as you could ask such an absurd question) and was shamed by the customer (also with a full cart) in front of me. I had allowed 10 minutes to check out before I had to leave to pick up my daughter but the cashier was literally not scanning anything.

I should have video taped it but I was too shocked. At least the third time I've had to leave my groceries there due to wait time).

If they are going to try to be a grocery store they need to staff the checkouts like one. Absolutely the scarcest staffed store in town.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dawn, the reason you were shamed by the other customer in front of you was because you were not behaving like an adult. You were behaving like an impatient child waiting in line to go see Santa.