Spartanburg, South Carolina

I find I have been double charged for some items when I get home. I don't always remember to check my receipt after I pay for my items.

All I want to do is get out of there.

I have also bought laundry soap that has been diluted. Today I opened a box of crackers that had a open package and half the crackers missing. How gross is that?

People take the extra time to ensure your items are properly sealed and not diluted whenever possible.

Also don't feel rushed. ...check your receipt before you leave the store.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You did not notice that your items were not sealed. So you are blaming them because some customer opened up the crackers.

That is must likely what happened, anyone over the age of three can use that much common sense.


And I suppose customers can dilute laundry soap too?


They cannot dilute the soap, it is the supplier not Walmart, then again perhaps someone returned soap after diluting it, happens all the time, but the fact remains how hard is it to know if an item is sealed or not, my eight year old knows if an item is not sealed don't buy it, especially if it is food, I taught him that, guess the OP's parents never taught them this. Besides I see people all the time opening things and putting it back on the shelf making it look sealed.

They open cream, *** the seal and test it, sometimes when the tester is right out there already. Blame the shoppers. Even my eight year old knows this is wrong.

Some of the people I see eating out of packages are adults. One even opened up a pack of coke and drank from it and did not pay for it.