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I went to walmart on Friday December 11, to pick up a site to store package worse experience in any store I've ever had. First off there was one person working the site to store pick up and the customer service desk.

There was one guy going from the front of the store to the back of the store to find pick ups. He literally would walk to the front of the store she would write an order number down he would take about 15 minutes to walk back there find it and come back and she would gand him another. When he was given my number after 20-25 min the one woman working left to find him because he gad not came back. A lady who had never worked customer service or site to store was put at the desk.

Eventually the guy came back without my package. Then another lady comes back to say "unfortunately we cant find your package can you come back tomorrow ". No no I can not why send me an email telling me my item is ready if you cant find it. At this time I had been attempting to pick up a pacjage for 1.5 hours.

They then tell me well it appears we have 34 of the items in store, let us grab one of those. 30 minutes later they say they cant find those 34. Now I've been attempting to pick this package up for 2 hours. Ive requested to speak to a manager a minimum of 4 times and I have yet to see one.

Finally one comes the support manager and completely ignores me and attemps to ou speak to the customer service associate. He's not authorized to refund me, so a second manager is called over, the co manager, he ignores not only me but only half listens to his employee because he marks the order as picked up. At this time the customer service associate just opens the drawer and refunds me. This was not her drawer so when the original lady cashed out that night her drawer had to be short and she didn't know why.

I received an email that this package I never picked up was picked up, i completely wasted 2 hours of time and the customer service was absolutely horrible. During my 2 hours standing at the desk heard at least 2 other customers say there orders were wrong and one other package was not found.

Totally unacceptable walmart. Ive worked in customer service for 16 years and as a large company you should know this is unacceptable.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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