I have shopped at my local Walmart for years. It's in my budget and helps make things I need affordable.

With that being said I spending anywhere from $800-1000 a month! Yes a month in Walmart. I do all my shopping there including groceries. That was until today I had all I'm going to take anymore of the unprofessional lack of any type of customer service embarrassment of staff you have employed at my local Walmart.

I compare the people that work there a train wreck. The last 3 times I have been there all in a months time, I know about a gentleman who has worked for the company a long time acted out in the managers office and quit. The two girls yes two at the checkout line ringing me up I guess thought me and my 3 year old wanted to hear. Then it was the lady who WILL NOT be paying $16 to catch a cab every day to work at Walmart.

And finally today... The store is never stocked appropriately however I have over looked this on almost every occasion. Then at checkout the woman took 15 yes 15 minutes to try and find the price of green onions, called for help after 8 minutes who told her they didn't know and then she tells me can I go find where I got them and find out the price. I was in utter shock.

Meanwhile the poor people behind me waiting.inask Ashley the checkout employee for a manager and she couldn't get me one. Lastly after my $382 grocery bill I go to leave and both of my gallons of milk fall off my cart and bust on the floor. Well you would of thought I robbed the place. No I didn't go get two more gallons I wanted to get out of there and never come back.

I should never as a customer have to experience what I experienced today. Just terrible.

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