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You know I miss really good customer service. I don't expect perfect service - but, basic courtesy would be nice.

Went up to a number "lit" aisle for checkout and was informed, in a very snippy voice,"I'm helping this man, SORRY!" She didn't sound sorry at all. She was rude and grumpy - turn off your light then and put a sign, "closed," or "next aisle." Also, it took forever to get someone to open the spray can cabinet for me. I would like to say I left an entire cart ($250 worth) in the line for them to put away. Regretfully, my time is valuable and I did not do that (I really should have).

Yeah, I will go to Target next time. [Sigh].

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Stinks.

Walmart Cons: Terrible customer service.

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So you wanted the cashier to put up a closed sign because she was with another customer? Maybe you don't know this, but that's how a store works.

The cashier checks one person out, then when they are done they move on to the next person. And it's not a common practice to apologize for doing one's job.


I have an eight year old daughter. If she interrupted someone else while they were helped by the cashier I would take her out of the store and have a talk with her about manners.


You need to wait your turn. You were rude by interrupting when she was helping someone else.

We learn in kindergarten to wait for our turn.

So you left without buying anything just because you could not wait your turn. Why were you in a rush, did you need go home and drink due to your alcoholism?


I waited my turn. Maybe I was not clear.


If you waited your turn he would not have made that remark. Just saying.


Try to be in their shoes for an hour at their busy time with inpatient people

Then put in a complaint. Please give them a break.

They don't make much for working there.

By the way, I'm a customer and have seen how people treat them. It's not very nice.


The young woman who finally rang up my cart was fine. But, my time is valuable - I have no tolerance for rude, nasty sales associates. I wish I would have got her name.


Get over it already. You are one of those people who likes to read into everything and always be a victim.

Please grow up and please shop at Target.


It is not her fault, she was sick that day when they taught her to be patient and wait her turn in kindergarten.


I work at Target as a store manager. This is from my store to the OP. You are not welcome at Target.


No one was rude to you, most adults know that if someone else is being helped they should wait their turn. These are basic things taught in kindergarten. You were the rude one by interrupting.


Wait a minute, I thought you said that you left an entire $250 cart behind because the man was rude to you, and now you are saying that you were helped to buy your items by a nice young woman. How is that possible if you left your cart for them to put away the items?