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Update to Walmart 1 hour guarantee worthless.Yesterday the 22nd I posted that my tv had not been shipped.Updated that between 5 and 9:30 Pm it was shipped and the status said it should be in on the 22nd.How could that happen when it was just shipped?It didn't.This morning I received my first email from them saying my shipment has been delayed and they don't know when it will come.Apparently it was a lie that it had shipped.It was simply a response from my email about why it not not been shipped.

I am including the one and only email and last status from the evening of 22nd which is when it was supposed to arrive.Obviously it will not arrive by the 22nd or even before Christmas.

If you go to walmart's black friday sale to buy gifts for Christmas go somewhere else.They treat you like a sheep and do not fulfill their promises.This was my first and last time going to black friday walmart sale.

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Somerset, Kentucky, United States #870207

talk to my lawyer


Yeah same thing happened with me. Haven't received my Beats by Dr.

Dre headphones yet. This is ridiculous.


I will never shop at Walmart again. I was never a big Walmart fan but I thought their plan for hte 1 hour guarantee was brilliant.

Boy was I wrong. Got my daughter a full size ipad mini for $100 off at Best Buy on Black Friday - no problem. Ordered the mini for my son from Walmart during their guarantee hour. Was told it would arrive between the 14th and 22nd, no wait that was incorrect, it will arrive by the 22nd, no wait that was wrong, it shipped but we don't know where it is but it might arrive in a day or two.

Hmmm, Christmas is in 2 days - what a crock.

I was never a big Walmart fan but now I will spend my $100 gift card and never shop their again. Everyone who got taken in by this should be sure to let Walmart know how they feel.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #762928

Exact same thing happened to me. I am calling the and have been on hold for 30 minutes.

They have lost me as a customer. I will NEVER give Walmart another single penny of my hard earned money.

Rochester, New York, United States #762898

I am still waiting on an Ipad Mini that looks like I wont be getting in time for Christmas.Looks like my daughter will be seriously disappointed for christmas. Thanks scam mart

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