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I'm a woman who enjoys hunting in outdoor activities.went to Walmart to buy a new gun today .has I was doing the paper work for the background check the man at the counter was questioning me about the gun over in over .I was trying to read in answer the question truthful .like I have many times before. The screen went blank in had to start all over.I was finally done .the man was still questioning me .then he go's over my paper work in then denied me of the purchase..

this isn't my weapon in I feel because I'm a woman he denied me. So today was my last time going to Wal-Mart I will not be cheated that way. I understand what is happening in the world today with weapons being bought but I enjoy hunting ,fishing,all the outdoor offers.I have never been an any trouble with the law. This is just wrong.

That man needs to do his job in not think he is the law.

Walmart has lost business because of him. Thank you every upset .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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In your second paragraph, you state that this isn't your weapon. So were you buying a gun for someone else?

That is called a third party sale and is not allowed anywhere that sells guns.

Also, it is generally not the store that denies the sale. When you are filing out the questions on the computer that is being transmitted to the government and they make the decision to deny, delay or proceed with the sale.


I hate it when people automatically think it is discrimination when they don't get their way. There is another reason why you were denied, and it has nothing to do with your gender. You either don't know why you were denied the gun, or you are unwilling to tell us the real reason.x

to Anonymous #1076047

Lol I'm willing to bet that she knows.

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