Port Charlotte, Florida
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Walmart refused to accept return of unopened Halloween candy. They have always done this in the past.

Do not put up with this. There are better places to go and not be treated like garbage because the usual amount of children did not come trick or treating.

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I bought Halloween candy at WalMart and went to return it (2014 Halloween) and was told they would not take it back. I persisted asked to speak with a manager.

The person behind the return counter said he was a manager. I then asked to speak to his supervisor.

At that point, he agreed to take it back and refund the purchase price. With many situations like this, persist, and if you don't get a positive response, ask to speak to the person's manager.


So in other words throw a temper tantrum like a five year old child to get your way? They could have stuck to their policy and called the police on you if you refused to leave.

Remember you are not five, a simple time out is not punishment for throwing a temper tantrum. If an adult throws a temper tantrum they can call the police.


Telling you "no" is not the same as treating you like garbage. Why not take the candy to school and share it with your first grade classmates.

Then again with the rules about not sharing snacks in schools due to allergies perhaps you are not allowed to do this? Either way most places don't take back food or seasonal items.

You are trying to return both. Why not have mommy or daddy read the return policy for you before making this post