Carson City, Nevada
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My friend just brought home a pound of hamburger from Walmart. It felt like there was air in the package (from New Zealand), so I checked the sell by date; May 5, 2015.

Today is June 15, 2015! I told him to open it carefully because it looked like it was going to explode. When he slit the packaging with the knife, the hamburger splooshed out and stank to high heaven. Ugh.

I'm thankful I was here to tell him to toss it, otherwise he would have cooked it because he doesn't know what rotten meat smells like.

I never imagined any chain grocery store would sell food over a month past the sell date. Absolutely grossed out.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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He's a non cooking guy, so he just picked up the package that said "hamburger." I was surprised that a market could sell a meat product so far past the "sell by" date. And no, I always check the "sell by" date, especially on meat products.

BTW, the plastic wrapping was opaque so you couldn't see the meat, until you opened the package.


sorry, don't believe you. no one, stoned or drunk would buy green hamburger, cause that's what it looks like after 2 weeks. any thought k r ?