Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania
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during a weekly grocery shopping trip to a Walmart super center at 1325 main street Taylor pa 18517 my wife and I completed check out and paid for our merchandise IN CASH. My wife then placed the receipt in her purse.

we then walked toward the exit to return home with our grocery order and where ask for our receipt so that they could check the merchandise which we purchased approx. 50 feet away. As we were under video surveillance the from the time we entered the plaza including checkout and there was absolutely nothing to warrant this type of treatment and delay I demanded that my wife immediately return the merchandise for a full refund and that a store manager be brought to the customer service area. The assistant manager happened to be the person I addressed she stated that the store manager was not on site but that she would get the assistant manager who she actually happened to be.

she the proceeded to the front end manager for a discussion. As she returned one of the customer service employees identified her as the assistant manager. This young woman named Lisa stated that this was company policy as she assisted the counter employee to credit our merchandise and refund the monies from our FINAL Walmart purchase. This was a defamatory insult and an accusation of theft by Walmart corporation against a 56 year old man and his 54 year old wife.

Having had my own earnings since age 8 and frequented other retailers both major and sole proprietorships in a variety of categories I have never before had this occur in any retail or wholesale establishment. I will recommend that sears holding convert its slow moving stores to a competitive position as Walmart continues to take a negative attitude to both its consumers and suppliers we could use an alternative.

Reason of review: insult defamation and harrasment.

Preferred solution: Written Published apology, discontinuation of defamitory practices, and never making another purchase from this retailer in the future.

Walmart Cons: Being treated like i was a thief.

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I expect you had some stolen merchandise in the cart and didn't want to get caught. Why else would you make such a fool of yourself.

Stores lose incredible amount of money from theft.

It's easy to see why they want to check what people are leaving with . It's not personal and it's reasonable.


Really?? Wow, you obviously have other things going on in your life to have such an explosive reaction to this.

All stores have the right to ask you for a receipt before leaving the store. I doubt you were singled out and "harassed".

It's called life and you're not entitled to special treatment just because you are a special snowflake and have been earning money since you were a child. Grow up!


go jackoff to some Michael Jackson videos.


You were asked to show your receipt by the greeter just like every other customer. You weren't being treated like a thief.

If this was a weekly grocery visit to Walmart then you should know that. You probably had an item that wasn't bagged and that's why they asked for your receipt. Its not that big of a deal, you make it sound like you were accused of grand theft.

I'm sure they wont miss you. Jeez!