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Their banking methods are to approve your check and then submit to their bank and then tomyour bank whenthey. Few Walmart customers are millionaires and simply have direct deposit to pension social security , and the like we keep tab of our accounts and assume that we have x amount of dollars .

the Walmart policy is to submit a check two weeks after it is written and continue to submit it 11 times costing 200 to 300 inbank penalties without notifying the customer. Few poor people pensioners have a cushion in their bank accounts and when you write a check on one day you nassume that you have a balance of x amount of dollars and pay other bills but the continual submitting of checks with notifying you cause the loss of you pension check to be eaten up by Telacheck a wholly owned subsidary of Walmart which is wholly owned in ChinA

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I agree, checks really need to be done with.


... don't write a *** check in the first place.

Every bank gives a debit card for a reason. Either use it at the store or keep cash by going to the ATM.

I will love the day when retailers stop taking checks because it's expensive for the retailer. Not to mention a waste of time for the retail employee having to take the check and for all the people standing in line behind all the old people using checks because they refuse to learn how to use a debit card that takes 1/8th the amount of time to pay with compared to a check.


I have no idea what in the *** you're talking about! Walmart DOESN'T own Telecheck, and Telecheck ISN'T owned by a Chinese company. Perhaps someone should also teach you how to properly balance your checkbook as well.