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very frustrated --walmart's mobile app is deceitful --it lists the item price and says it is available in your store --on the screen it lists the price and specifically says it is available in your store - it then gives you two buttons - order online or find in store. When you pick find in store it takes you to another screen that says to show the upc code to an associate to locate the item in the store.

When you drive to the store it has a much inflated price-- stood in customer service line only to be told that the price online was not available in the store. The item was $89.00 on the mobile app which stated that it was available in store --price in store $112.00 - I pointed out that the price was $89 at home depot and amazon and asked if she could price match it --she said " you should just go there and buy it" Came home and called customer service --they said oh --well prices are different from store to store. I explained that the mobile app specifically lists the price and says available in your store #1184 -- nothing that would indicated a different price -- customer service guy --"oh , well that's a problem with the mobile app not the store --you need to talk to them - I will transfer you-- go through the whole thing again with this guy -- basically, sorry, we know that is a problem but live with it.

Wal mart has lost me as a customer for life --2 and a half hours of my life gone because they listed false pricing. I will shop elsewhere from now on.

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You are not smart enough to have a smart phone, please destroy it and go buy a $10 nokia.


alot of these America's favor store has deceitful ads. I was in Albertson and it happened every week.

Its really ashame how they expect the shopper too remain so focus on shopping that they overlook prices. I believe, I believe that when we shop on-line we are not unable too see and feel what we buy, however we can purchase the products at a much fairer price then dealing with this crafty retailors.


Well said Really. You took the words out of my mouth. Its called reading the policies and or guidelines before complaining over your mistke.


Online prices are different than in-store prices no matter where you go. You pay a premium for having the item available in store available for pickup immediately.

Amazon is also just that, an online store.

Every website specifically states that prices are different and that stores will not match online prices. This is a case of you being ignorant of the media you are using, not false advertising.

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