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I am very concerned that since WM is constantly advertising their price comparison commercials; all of the WOMEN used in the comparisons are BLACK (Cyreeta, Heather, Joyce, etc.). Do White, Asian, Indian and Hispanic women not compare prices; and, do MEN not shop at WM? I find this a bit offensive as a Black Woman!

It appears that WM is saying that only Black people shop at their facilities and need price comparisons. I have seen several commercials and none of them have any other race portrayed and none have men in them either. Why is this? I plan on asking this question on Facebook to see what the response will be if I don't hear from you all within 7 days.

I would think that ONE customer's concern would be enough; but, WM is so big that maybe a lone customer is not enough to respond to. We will see. My Name is


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I mean really you don't have better things to do than say how WM is racist chauvinistic company ! Who cares?

Obviously the people that are in the commercial don't !

Everyone wanted to be freed and given equal rights, then when they get them they complain about having them ! Take it up with Jessie !!!you poor poor lady!


If there were no blacks you'd be complaining too.


all ads in Florida have people of all races and ages.