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I am very concerned that since WM is constantly advertising their price comparison commercials; all of the WOMEN used in the comparisons are BLACK (Cyreeta, Heather, Joyce, etc.). Do White, Asian, Indian and Hispanic women not compare prices; and, do MEN not shop at WM? I find this a bit offensive as a Black Woman!

It appears that WM is saying that only Black people shop at their facilities and need price comparisons. I have seen several commercials and none of them have any other race portrayed and none have men in them either. Why is this? I plan on asking this question on Facebook to see what the response will be if I don't hear from you all within 7 days.

I would think that ONE customer's concern would be enough; but, WM is so big that maybe a lone customer is not enough to respond to. We will see. My Name is



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I mean really you don't have better things to do than say how WM is racist chauvinistic company !Who cares?

Obviously the people that are in the commercial don't !

Everyone wanted to be freed and given equal rights, then when they get them they complain about having them !Take it up with Jessie !!!you poor poor lady!

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #579354

If there were no blacks you'd be complaining too.

Miami, Florida, United States #579201

all ads in Florida have people of all races and ages.

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