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Today my wife when to walmart to buy a few things, she was on line an out of nowhere this strange man showed up not follwing the line but beside her, she felt strange and the only thing she did was look at the guy and try to move to the front so the guy didn't past her, when she was ready to pay this *** called out to my wife and of course she didn't pay atention but guess who was paying attention the cashier and she told my wife to look over and my wife told the cashier that she didn't know that strange man so that is when he called my wife *** and not all of the 3 associates did anything. They didn't call a supervisor or the police or at least try to stop this *** they didn't even care for the well being of a women alone being mistreated inside the store we definetely are not going back to walmart it's a cheap place and all aspects and very low and poor customer relations, and customer service when it becomes to manners and the well being of others.


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And what, exactly was the cashier supposed to do about this? If your wife is unable to stand up for hrself, then maybe she needs an escort, while doing her grocery shopping. :roll


Well Golly Gee Billy Bob. I am a hopen you all didn't get too upset, yall come back and see us all real soon ya hear


Hicks, hillbillys, NASCAR nuts, white trash and the morbidly obese. You are NOT going to get the best customer service at Walmart.

What did you expect?

The Concierge to come over and have her purchases delivered by courier? Get real pinhead