Chicago, Illinois
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Has to be the most racist store out there. Every time any of my relatives or friends shop there they get treated the same way I do.

We get followed around by security. I was even approached once when I put on a pair of sunglasses that I had bought at the store a long time ago and had been wearing since. They admitted their mistake, but you know they wouldn't approach a white person that way. They always assume that i am on food stamps too.

I actually am right now because of a disability in my neck, but they are so wrong to just assume. I also got fired from there for the stupidest thing.

While I was technically in the wrong, if I was more than 5 minutes late then I would fill out a time card claiming I wasn't able to clock in. It was only a few minutes difference, but the white associates did it all of the time, and I got fired for it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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that's not true every Walmart i go in is all black employees


Obama's hometown of Chicago. No wonder you are such a paranoid, uneducated race-baiter.


Just about every Walmart I've had the misfortune of being in, has been full of blacks, both as employees and as customers (oh and shoplifters too).


Black, or white you seem uneducated. I as a pronoun should be capitalized, besides the truth is more blacks steal than whites.

They are not the only one that hates blacks, lots of people do. How are jelly beans and people alike? Answer nobody likes the black ones. What is long and hard for a black person.

The first grade. What is the difference between a park bench and black man. The park bench can support a family of four.

What is the difference between a black man and a pizza, the pizza can feed a family of four. How runs faster than a black man running off with your stolen television, his brother with your DVD player.


Security doesn't have to follow people around the store to keep an eye on they. They can sit up in their office and watch on TV monitors, they see whatever the cameras pick up.


Seems to me you have a prejudice issue. Obviously your problems with other races was most likely why

you were let go.