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We live in an area where there are not many houses. I had to do some shopping along the way so I took my four year old and seven year old daughters with me.

I wanted to take them to a close by neighborhood later on to go trick or treating. I normally go to your store but today I did not need a thing from your store. Since it was closest to the neighborhood I I asked for plastic bags for my children to go trick or treating with. They said they could not give me a plastic bag unless I buy something.

So I went and bought a few things which I later returned. You have a three month refund policy. I will return everything that I can which I have bought within the three months which is close to $150. I was a very loyal customer and you could not even give my kids two freaking bags to gather their candy in.

Those bags must cost you five cents. Well for ten cents you lost a loyal lifetime customer.

You do a lot of charity work which benefits children but I see you only do this to get more business from the community by providing for the community. You don't care about children at all.

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Yeah it is a security issue maam nothing to do with cost.. its about shoplifters!


I wouldn't want to use the Walmart bags. They would probably give out.


The OP has modified the original post

They are obviously full of sh*t


Most complaints on this site are lame, but if it went down the way the OP tells it, Walmart owes her an apology.


Chances are management probably just read every cashier the riot act about how much bags cost and to "please" do better and stop using so many...and your cashier made a bad call at that time. Me, I woulda handed them over to you...but with an eye out for managment hoping to not get into trouble for it later. It might be 2 bags to you but if management wants to ride my butt over it it's not really worth it to me to screw myself out of a job over giving your kids a free bag or 2.

You really have no idea what a cashier goes through until you are one, trust me.


YOu only spent $150 in Walmart within 3 mos? Man I spend that there at least once a week.

Don't really think Walmart will miss your $150 they are a huge company. Oh and by the way there candy buckets are only $1 so for 8 quarters you could have saved me from having to read this article and type this comment.


walmart is a *** joke. greedy bastards overall. and 51 million is pennys to that company they wipe their *** with that.


Those bags cost Walmart money. Why do you think they should just give them to you?

Is it because you think that your little bundles of joy are so *** precious and they should get anything they want even if it means taking it from somebody else for free? Typical liberal ***.

Why don't you go join the rest of the *** hippies at Occupy Wall Street then? I bet your kids aren't cut either.


I was the employee that refused to give you the bags. Its not against policy or anything like that, nor do I hate all children.

The truth is I hate your children in particular.

Only your children. Every other child I see gets a free bag.


Spend $5 and get your kids a *** bag instead of them carrying around a Wal MArt Bag buy them one of the plastic Jack o Lanterns they can't be that much . If you can't afford one then start saving you plastic bags.


Next time, bring a bag or pillowcase from home, or buy something you'll need soon anyway. They don't give out bags because, besides the cost, people could take them and stick merchandise in them that they haven't paid for.

Wal-Mart does not owe you a free bag.


Just take some out the plastic bag recyle bin at the entrance.

You say only five cents per bag? OK, let's do some math and look at the BIG PICTURE.

If Wal-Mart gives you free bags, then they have to give EVERYBODY free bags. There are 330 million persons in the USA. Say Wal-Mart on average gives each person in the USA two bags per year, that's 660 million bags a year, at a cost of $33 million per year to Wal-Mart. And the cost of the bags would be in addition to the Wal-Mart employee time in dispensing those bags.

If each bag dispensing uses up ten seconds of the Wal-Mart employee's time, at say $10 per hour, the added labor cost would be an additional expense of $18.3 million per year for a grand total of $51.3 million cost per year to Wal-Mart. And that's just in the USA. But Wal-Mart would just pass on that cost to their customers in the form of higher prices.
I don't know that planet you are on to conclude that Wal-Mart hates children because they have a "no free bags" policy.

There is no sympathy here for members of the "gimme-gimme-gimme" army who whine that they didn't get any free stuff today. :cry

I lived out in the country too but I had to travel to shop, but there were Family Dollars and Dollar Trees everywhere, and they are popping up everywhere NATIONWIDE.


Pick one up off of the ground. They are everywhere.

What else do you get for free? Cheese? Medical? Prescriptions? WIC?

Use a backpack, your purse, a sock or a hat, try using any sort of this or that,

then you can wipe away of your boohoo's

little miss pissed off at walmart whoo.


I can't believe you got upset over something like this. I am afraid to know what happens if one of your daughters make a mistake. Grow up!

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