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The Walmart at 201 34 street N. St. Petersburg, Fl.

Bicycle gears slipping. Went into Walmart,

nobody knew were the WD40 was. Had to leave my Bycicle chained for 36 Hours.

Was stolen. The managers said it was a high crime area. Also they had a bike rack stolen? District manager at Pinellas Park walmart never returned calls. The manager at the 201 34 street north walmart was gamey and not interested in helping me contact police. When police showed to review tapes. After contacting walmart to make sure the tapes were ready. Walmart was clueless, unable to help police.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Now that everyone has trailed off into telling eachother how *** and pathetic they are, lets get back to the point.

OP...who leaves a bike for 36 hours ANYWHERE? I mean, really? You obviously got home somehow, you couldn't have gone back for it at some point?


First of all Richard I was not "Attacking you" Just wondered why you would leave your bike chained up in a high crime area for 36 hours? besides if you want attack words why didn't you walk the bike home instead? then maybe your bike would have not been stolen.


I'm sure this compliant is the new hang-out on the internet. I've made my point.


When you insult you only show who you are. You only show you have no point.

You have no argument, Only time. It only shows you are bored. I really don't think this would upset your basic commenter. You only talk about drugs and accuse others of drugs because its all you know.

Its around you.

I could take these comments down but I won't. Its important to let others know the personalities.

That's the whole point of this blog. Comment away I've made my point.


Leave him alone. No one had the right to steal hims bike.


Every time I contact Walmart a new comment goes up.


so........ its walmarts fault that your bike was stolen huh i highly doubt walmart stole your bike.

it is not walmarts problem that your bike was stolen nor do they have to help you find who stole it. plus its a bike not a car so why dont you do all of us a favor and go sell your computer and get a new bike.


I am the person who made the complaint. You see the comments above.

There all on the same date, one even says walmart employee. Just shows the lack of professionalism and the mind set. Most all of the comments are personal attacks. Just shows the mindset of the store.

The reason I left the bike there so long. I could not retrieve it over the weekend. I went into walmart to try to find wd40 to see if it would help the bike. There was none there I had to leave the bike locked up.

I went by Baywalk, its mostly vacancy. Another victim of mindset. Its not my fault. Please keep the constructive comments coming.

Words are a window to the mind. I like the St. Pete downtown area I think its great. You have The Pier, The Vinoy, Baseball, Dali, Blues and Walmart.

Walmart employees re victimizing a victim of a crime. Just shows everyone everything.


Why was your bicycle chained for 36 hours just to run in and get WD40?

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