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On Black Friday I did my xmas purchase online. Via email they notified me that my purchase was in I waited for 1 half hour when someone assisted me with my order they bring out a box I ask that it be opened prior to me taking home.

When the box was opened came to find out there was a $20 plastic toy instead of the Laptop and case that I had ordered. Then they begin to look for it in the meantime the girl that was assisting me left TO LUNCH and leaving me there when someone else comes out I ask what had happened where is my order? They scramble around looking for it again they come back an hour later and tell me my package was given to someone else a day ago, they stated that I would have to wait for the customer to come back with my order 2HOURS later someone else comes out and tells me if I look for it in electronics that I could bring it back there and take that..... I DID MY SHOPPING ONLINE FOR THAT ONE REASON DID NOT WANT TO SHOP AT THE STORE.

I called customer service but still to no avail 1 hour later a female assistant store manager comes out and tries to tell me to pick something else which I did not want anything they had at the store (again wasting my time) in the meantime an elder man came thru with a packing and just by coincidence I asked him if he that package was given to him by accident he stated it had. And surely that was my laptop.

I was irate the Assistant store manager would think that my time was worth $20??????? she hands over a gift card that was an insult to that 20 dollars was worth my 3 1half hour wait at the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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My complaint is nothing then the truth... You probably work for walmart whom pays you to come into this site and snoop.


I admit this complaint is bogus. However my friend got a gift card worth $50 and his complaint is bogus. I am hoping one of these companies will give me the gift card.


Nice try with the bogus complaint. You made the same complaint about Target and now its about Walmart.

See complaint 279139. Tomorrow you will make the same complaint about Best Buy. Who knows what store it will be after that. Quit making up BS and ruining the credibility of your website with your bogs complaints.

Someone get this p.o.s.

loser a hobby and a life stat. Only loser I see is YOU!


Last year my sister ordered me a heater online and had it sent to the store by my house. After 2 weeks it haddent arrived and my sister called Walmart.

They said they would look into it and the next day I was told it was at the store. When I got there I was rudely told it was on bacl order. We my sister and Walmart went round and round and then they returned my sisters money saying they were out of stock.

Well I used to work at the Walmart and asked a friend that worked there about it. She looked into it and found out the store sold it to someone else.

See the website had it on sale and it was $20 more at the store. I complained to 1800walmart but nothing happened.