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Why the heck does walmart hire non english speaking employees? Went to walmart in Uvalde Texas and asked the girl in the pet department where I could find puppy wormer.

she doesn't say a word just looks at me with a blank stare then she spins on her heels and walks away. I started to follow her until I realized she was heading out of the department I was shopping in and crossing the clothing dept. how can a person get customer service from someone who doesn't even speak english?

What the heck are ya thinkin Walmart??? Some of us still speak English in the USA.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Build that wall!


Same thing happened to me in Walmart in Kissimmee FL just an hour ago. I asked for shampoo.

Clueless look with some Spanish utterances. She didn't attempt to understand or help. What's the deal here Walmart?

I've instructed my property manager not to supply my vacation homes from Walmart. Lost business over $4k per year.


Lol some of you'll are so violent, not everyone but some people try defend with anger like that's gonna help someone understand your side


Walmart has shoppers of many nationalities. If someone from Vietnam comes in should the worker be required to speak that language, or Chinese or say French?

English is the common language of the US and yes still for Texas. All other immigrants seem to have no problem learning English and it's pompous and disingenuous for Mexican immigrants to come and imply they don't need to learn English.


Walmart is a company of many faces. I'm sure that store has many Spanish speaking people coming in to shop. Walmart is doing a great job.




Same thing happened to me they look at you with a blank expression on their face and walk away. Maybe target has paper clips.

to Anonymous #1490038

Quit *** shanon


Learns spanish

to Anonymous #1381125

Learns Spanish? What is that suppose to mean?

Do you mean "learn Spanish"? I think you should learn English first.


Welcome to the United States of Mexico. Thank Obama.

to Anonymous #1457094

Obama made America great... sorry not sorry!

to Anonymous #1518782

No, he was the worst ever. Get a life.




Having the same issue in Midland Texas.... workers don't speak English and they don't bother to try and find someone who does to help you... just "no English" and walk away

Ridgefield, Connecticut, United States #1339973

I think it's great that Walmart is offering jobs to people that would otherwise have a very difficult time finding employment. We all need to be patient in working together.

to Sharon #1350325

Liberals, you're all the same. You are the problem with this country. One nation, one language, one culture.

to me #1391177

There are 57 million Hispanic people living in America, which accounts for 18% of the population in the country. Also this country has had a long history of people coming from different countries in search for a better life.

It's great Walmart offers people jobs, even those who can't speak English.

They may not be able to help you but there are many others to help you out in the Walmart stores. I hope you can be more open-minded and spread love, even to people who may be different than you.

to Lisa #1439338

Really ? The person who is supposed to be “training” my daughter does not speak a lick of English.

There is only one other person in her department who actually does, kinda. I have nothing against people coming to America in search of a better life but they need to come here legally, assimilate and learn English.

If anything ever happens to my daughter getting hurt on the job because of zero communication due to these people not speaking or understanding English but yet they are “training “ other people who they cannot communicate with Walmart is getting their *** sued. It has zero to do with being “open minded “ or them being “different” and everything to do with being a true American, if they feel like they don’t want to learn our language then they are more than welcome to go back to their homeland, they are leaving there for a reason.

to me #1456619

One culture? You're funny, accept the fact that United States is a country with several cultures and people deserve the opportunity to work.

*** racist.Accepting this fact doesn't make you liberal. Educate yourself.

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