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Why the heck does walmart hire non english speaking employees? Went to walmart in Uvalde Texas and asked the girl in the pet department where I could find puppy wormer.

she doesn't say a word just looks at me with a blank stare then she spins on her heels and walks away. I started to follow her until I realized she was heading out of the department I was shopping in and crossing the clothing dept. how can a person get customer service from someone who doesn't even speak english?

What the heck are ya thinkin Walmart??? Some of us still speak English in the USA.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I agree this is the USA and the ones that are true citizens speak English. I believe that if they can't speak English then NO Visa's of any kind.

If they want to visit for a couple weeks fine then they need to leave. If I go to their country I wouldn't expect them to accommodate me. USA has been to soft on to many for a long time.

God needs to come and close it out before it gets any worse cause it will get worse.


My Grandparents came from Germany and they learnt English immediately.... still spoke German at home but....


The British colonials didn't speak any Native American languages. The Irish spoke Celtic coming to the U.S.

during the Irish famine. The German spoke German coming into America. The Welsh and Scottish also spoke Celtic. The Polish, Swedish, French and Norwegian all spoke their native tongue coming to America.

They are all part of the American history and our country prides itself about it's diversity and a place where people can make something of themselves. Please get over yourself.


that happened in spring hill Florida too

I thought this is America where our grand parents had too learn english


What if she can't speak at all? Or even those who can't speak English need to work and survive too. She probably was there to sort goods or fix prices, not to answer your questions.


I agree with you, if she can't speak English that doesn't mean she cant work. she is also like others and have full right to work.and she is not hire to answer your question..


She is also there to help the customer. That is why WM even exists.

This review of course was written back in the Obama days. Hopefully it is getting better now.


Walmart not hiring employees who speak Florida WALKED OUT!

That is why I go to PUBLIX AND PAY MORE!


"Walmart not hiring employees who speak Florida WALKED OUT!"

What the he'll are you trying to say? Speak Florida?

If this country ever collapses, you Mexicans had better pack your bags and run. We'll be hunting you for sport...


It will be the downfall of Walmart, as my time is too valuable to be wasted.


It will only be the downfall of Wal-mart if those 12 million illegal Mexicans - and all of their anchor babies - get deported for the crime of illegal entry into this country. Heck- I live in Rogers, Arkansas, home of Wal-mart store #1' and only 15 minutes from WM World Head Quarters, where most of the customers on any given day are blabbering away, often LOUDLY in Spanish.

They get preferred treatment at the bakery and deli counter where all employees are Hispanic. All the store signage includes Spanish (for the benefit of Americans, you think) and they even tore out the Mc Donald's restaurant and replaced it with a "Pollo Campero" which is a fast food restaurant chain that focuses on Latin American chicken recipes (and 'no' I'm not kidding - 100% true). So I think Wal-mart has chosen their target market and cares very little about how much it bothers American citizens. My hope, at this point, is that Donald Trump gets elected President and makes good on his promise that 'they all gotta go.' I have decided that I will vote for him.

I am in my mid fifties, and this will b the first time that I have ever bothered to vote in a presidential election. I feel that it is all that I can do (all that is remotely within my power to change this degrading of what was once a great country) and I hope that enough others will do the same.


You are a dime a dozen to Walmart.


what do you expect Uvalde is mostly wet..backs. and remember she was just a worthless minimum wage ignorant hag.

About a year ago I ask a walmart employee if they carried dish drainers for washing dishes by hand she pointed in the opposite direction I ask her if she meant over there and she says no habla English I said really then why did you point over there. I pulled out my cell phone and called and spoke the general manager and ask her if sulma spoke English and she said yes I ask her then why did she say she didn't. The manager showed up and ask sulma if she speaks English and she said yes and then said she didn't understand me what a liar then why did she point to where the dish drainers where?

She just stood there with a dumb struck look on her dirty brown face and I laughed and told the manager you should pay her in pesos. :grin :grin


Maybe you were the one with the English problems. Packages of products in the US generally say everything in English, were you too illiterate to read the packages to find what you needed?

Really rather then being a racist bigot READ.

This country was founded on immigrants, no one spoke just English and if you look back in history we did not adopt the native American language when we decided to take the land. So you sir are just another *** ignorant racist ***.



First, there are 50 states. If you are thinking of Puerto Rico and Guam those are territories.

Next, are you forgetting that our ancestors were the original invaders? We did not learn the Native American language and instead forced them off their land. America was founded on the premise of being a melting pot of ethnicities and freedom for persecuted immigrants. Just look at the quote on the Statue of Liberty, she is there to welcome all.

Also, America does not have an official language.

Yes American English is primarily used but it has never been adopted as our official language so it is not a bar to citizenship. From your post I’d say that is a good thing.


English is our official language it was voted on instead of German


Hmm isnt that English on the Statue of Liberty? I didn't see the Declaration of Independence in Spanish on my visits to Washington DC.

President Teddy Roosevelt said :

"We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.

But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. .

. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.

And damnit it, it was as true then as it is now.


its speaktrue here again but i thought i wuld change my name to better suit this crazy story. American, ur far from american.

no one cares about your wifes visa cause she should go back 2 wherever she came from which is probably mexico so she can go back their. people from other countries need 2 stop invading our country. these 52 states r ours not any1 elses. as for u ethan why do u think ur a knight?

have u been fighting some dragons and pirates or sumthing?

my grammar is nothing 2 be made fun of because i talk just fine just as long as u can understand me plus it is not easy to have good grammar when the only time u go on the computer is after smoking sum good stuff. i dnt really have anything else good to say except ethan just needs to understnd what i m trying to say and american can go put his butt into some1 elses business.



Apparently your English is just as poor as that employee's I am saying it is POSSIBLE that she does not work in that department. Before you go around making fun of people's English make sure you know how to spell. Perhaps the problem is she did not understand what you call English. Or you did not understand her American English because you have your own separate one person English which only you understand.


This complaint is about someone's lack of English. Telling someone who is complaining about that and shows poor English and grammar skills herself is not is not a dumb reply. If she wants to complain about that topic then she should expect to be ridiculed when she is the same.

Also stating the facts is not dumb. What id dumb that this person writes a review while stoned.(which she admitted to.)


:( Its the people in this thread that make me have to have to look through 5 other languages before finding the instructions in English. Yes, lets make everything printed in every language so that people don't have to learn our language.

Tell you what, go to Canada and try to become a citizen without being fluent in both English and French. WOULDN'T HAPPEN. But in America, people can walk all over us and we just let them. They come and get all the privileges of being an American without paying tax, learning our language, or, i don't know, BECOMING A CITIZEN AT ALL.

Get a job mowing lawns that an American used to be able to do, but cant because $8 an hour wont pay the bills, so the illegal immigrant takes the job. Now i as a business owner have to learn their stinking language because people like the ones in this thread will make laws protecting them. I'm regretting more and more that i stood up for a country of people who don't even stand up for their own rights.

If your going to bash this post, lets try making it more intelligent than replying back with some lame comment like "go check your grammar", or "equal rights". They aren't equal people!!!

Yes they are human beings like the rest of us, but ***, they don't have to abide by our simple requirements to stand in line and wait for a visa? My wife came in on a Visa, too a year and a half, really hard i tell ya.