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Just attended a Walmart in Kissimmee FL just an hour ago. I asked for shampoo.

Clueless look with some Spanish utterances. She didn't attempt to understand or help. What's the deal here Walmart?

I've instructed my property manager not to supply my vacation homes from Walmart. Lost business over $4k per year.

The fact that the employee made no attempt to converse in English has really turned me off Walmart. It makes no sense to allow a secularization by language - apart from the fact that I am a customer and surely should be able to converse with the company which I am giving business to in English?

Oh and I employ Spanish speaking staff, but they speak English since that's the language of the USA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Service, Ignorance of employees.

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I really wish that I had the time to learn how to speak spanish. I went to mexico once and my friend sent me to the stor to buy a cigarette lighter because the house we were staying at didn't have electricity so that we could light some candles.

i went to store after store and told them that I wanted a cigarette lighter or matches and made hand motions to try to show them what I was asking for and they all laughed at me everywhere I went and I had to return empty handed. I looked in the stores and couldn't see matches or lighters anywhere. That's one word that you should learn if you are going to mexico, or rather what phrase you should learn.

You should learn how to say "I want a cigarette lighter or matches" in spanish. they laughed at me just like a store in america would laugh at you if you walked in there speaking in the tounges.


Americans should not be forced to learn another language. The people from this country already speak English.

Last time I checked this is NOT the United States of Mexico. {{Redacted}}

to Anonymous #1536299

So, everyone in the world should learn to speak English just so YOU won't be inconvenienced. How entitled of you.

to JellyDoll #1538784

This is nonsense. This persons point was not the "whole world" but just this country. Which facts and statistics tell us is populated predominantly by English speakers.

to Anonymous #1539352

Familiarize yourself with irony and sarcasm.


The USA needs to close the borders, problem solved.

to Anonymous #1520798

It's Mexican borders, or all of them? What if white Europeans want to immigrate? Would you be okay with that?

to JellyDoll #1521034

"Immigrate" is the key word. I do not belive anyone would take issue with someone entering this country, going thru the naturalization process to earn citizenship and then contributing to the greater good. Speaking the lanugage of the majority is an important step in the above process.

to Anonymous #1521324

Why don't you learn a second language? Why is English the only proper language?

to Anonymous #1521703

JD- El español es mi segundo lenguaje, tenemos una oficina en Buenos Aires, Argentina. En mi equipo hay varios compañeros argentinos.

to Anonymous #1522115

Cualquiera puede usar el traductor de Google.

to Anonymous #1522396

JD- Google translate is horrible. It can not translate any language as "Conversational".

If you understood the true syntax and nuances of the given language you would understand that. I am thinking your Spanish is weak.

to Anonymous #1522944

I said it was. If you had read my comments in full, you would have seen that I admitted to as much.

to JellyDoll #1522400

More so , the Spanish I use emulates more closely the South American Argentina dialect. If you understood my message you would know that.

Think of it like Coastal Northern US dialect vs Southern.

And when I am in Argentina I speak Spanish out of respect for local culture. I expect anyone to do the same if in the United States.


While true the United States of America has no "official language" lets look at some numbers. Some brief searching yielded the follow.

According to Census data 237.8 Million Americans speak English Only. While only 40.5 Million speak Spanish.

to Anonymous #1519645

And your point, please?Also, did it say how many of those Spanish speaking people were bilingual?

to JellyDoll #1519670

Actually bilingual speakers were much lower, according to US Census data 21.3 Million. The point is the majority of the Walmart customers speak English only. Thus, hiring a Spanish only speaker is poor judgement and not reflective of the Customer's needs.

to Anonymous #1519676

Also of note. If we look at Native Americans the most spoken dialect is Navajo with only 0.16 million speakers.

All other Native American dialect falls well below 0.16 million. Perhaps that is the true tragedy.

to Anonymous #1519678

Really? Because I know where I work, Spanish speakers are actively sought.

We also have a girl who speaks Russian and several who speak Portuguese. We rely on them heavily. Oh, and I personally make an effort to pick up as much Spanish as I can, because being bilingual is very helpful. Instead of forcing people to speak English, in an ignorant belief that this is somehow the Universal and correct language to speak, why can't we all make an effort to learn Spanish?

Or Russian? Or Mandarin?

Why is it always the non-English speakers who must change? Why can't we?


Racist much ?

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