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Just attended a Walmart in Kissimmee FL just an hour ago. I asked for shampoo.

Clueless look with some Spanish utterances. She didn't attempt to understand or help. What's the deal here Walmart?

I've instructed my property manager not to supply my vacation homes from Walmart. Lost business over $4k per year.

The fact that the employee made no attempt to converse in English has really turned me off Walmart. It makes no sense to allow a secularization by language - apart from the fact that I am a customer and surely should be able to converse with the company which I am giving business to in English?

Oh and I employ Spanish speaking staff, but they speak English since that's the language of the USA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Service, Ignorance of employees.

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In Florida there is a large population of people that speak Spanish. Makes sense to have Spanish speaking employees.

Walmart is set up as a self service store anyway. Doesn't seem like a person would have to be a genius to find the aisle with shampoo in it.


Actually, the USA has no official national language. We are a nation started by immigrants from many different countries, including Spanish speaking ones.

It is against the law for them to discriminate employment based on nationality, and language.

They are a multimillion dollar company. I am sure your 4k a year will go unnoticed, and they're probably glad to not have to deal with a racist *** hole any more as well.


The USA has no official language. It never has.

Why don't YOU learn how to speak Spanish? Wouldn't being bilingual make you look smarter and more important than you obviously already think you are?


I love that line. What a loser, don't care if they have as many properties as Trump.