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To whom it may concern,

I would like to give feedback on the current hiring process at Walmart. I was called into an interview at the Burbank location, and was offered a part time position as a Cashier that I was very excited to receive. I had stated on my application and verbally that I have a full time position, and that my availability was in the evening, and anytime on the weekends. When I had finished filling out my paperwork, and was told I had the job, the hiring manager said that Orientation was everyday from 10-7 for a week or more at times and there was no flexibility during this time. I don't understand how Walmart can require this amount of time from people who apply for Part time jobs. Most people applying for these positions are in school, work another day time job, have personal obligations like family, and children, and so forth. I was very disappointed to receive the position that I had hoped for, only to have to give it up due to the strict Orientation time frames.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Thats not all, they give u a five month probationairy time frame and u dont get a raise nomatter how hard u work


Anon19375: I know what you mean about those questions. Thankfully there was only one person there when I interviewed, but I was incredibly nervous.

It is ridiculous how they ask the questions!

I had two interviews on the same day, then signed papers for the background check and went to take the drug test. Now I am just waiting for a call.


I don't know why you all continue to lecture this person. She is in the wrong, but if she did not understand this three years ago when she wrote this review and if she does not understand this now what makes you sure she will every understand that she is in the wrong here?


Sk walmart is not part of a union


You do not deserve the job, and with your attitude you will not find any job. If you cannot make it to orientation how are they to know you will not blow off work.

GROW UP, the world does not revolve around you. If you want the job that bad you make arrangements.

You don't get to choose when to work. They do.


I woke up this morning early and decided to go to school like 4 hours before class started because I had some work I really needed to get on top of. I got there at 10 and looked at my phone and noticed a missed call and a voicemail. It was walmart telling me to call back about a job. I did and she was like "Hi Karlee, Kyle referred your application and i was calling to see if you would like to interview for a job in the meat department. I said sure and she was like great can you come I said sure i am right down the road and can be there in 5.

All I was thinking was *** *** *** *** wtf, why would she call last minute like that, meanwhile im in my royal blue scrubs looking like a dork.I got there and she gave me my application and told me to initial and sign it. I was like ok and I am so sorry about what I am wearing because when I got the call I was at school right down the road and came straight here. She said oh its fine and its actually better then what a lot of people come in here looking like. I then had a sigh of relief almost.then she dropped the bomb,she said we do our interviews a little different here, it is a panel of 3 people in there including me and we all ask you questions. She said but dont be nervous a lot of people are and i was like toooo lateeeee.

And of course I am super ADD (diagnosed and all) so my memory is just not there like everyone else's is. The questions were like she gives you a situation and asks you like 6 questions and then gives you the chance to answer all of them. Meanwhile im just trying to remember all the questions and my answer so i can answer when she stops talking. It was just so bad and my answers were horrible and I just couldnt think of anything good to actually say. The third person in there really didnt do anything but the other two were all over me with questions. One of the guys was hard to understand.

I wanted to scream by then end of it all, and i think the only positive thing said directly to me was the guy telling me the hours i was available were perfect.

Then they ask me to step outside the room while they talk. And you would not believe what happened next...Laughter

Then the lady stepped out of the room and said we will get in touch with you in a couple of days about the job. :(


I was thinking about putting a application in but i came realize its no black people working in walmart


I apply the form and check mark on the date/time which I can fit that day for work. I got an interview and they offered me for work from six pm to ten pm from Monday to Saturday.

I realized that date and time won't fit for me, because I have college class in the morning and free time is in the afternoon, then why they want me to work evening hours and Saturday night? My girlfriend hate that hours and no time for date for us. She said drop that and forgot that!

My manager said final offer and no change. I walked away from that store and never come back.


i applied at walmart online and go called for a first interview. after my interview the interviewer told me to wait for a call for my 2nd interview but until now they still havent called me.

that is so frustrating. just kinda wish they'll call me and tell me i didnt get the job. i tried calling and the lady said ok, ill let the management know that you called but still no call back at all.

to be honest i dnt think im doing any shopping at walmart again... they disappointed me!


I think management at Walmart's in almost every department in every state need to be checked out. I think that complaint forms need to be made available every paycheck by employees without fear of any flack.

My son had a heart condition and they changed jobs for him but then he ended up going from the tire place to loading and unloading trucks and was ridiculed by workers when he wanted to work and not drink or smoke on the job. I am so sick of this kind of ***. Not the only complaint I have there are several more but they all have lawyers and are being taken care of. When people are hard workers why would be mess with their livliehoods.

If this is a serious site than stop making silly comment like the one above. When my son was hired they knew about his condition and should have made any kind of accomadations for him. When he complained to the management the manager actually called him a puss.

What kind of *** is that? Now they are all being investigated but it is a little late and my son has to worry about how he will keep a roof over his daughter's head and how he will pay for his medical bills.


@SK- Thanks, that makes a lot of sense about Tasha.

Thanks for the advice, and comment!


That is absurd... You can't hire someone and schedule them for times they are NOT available!!!

Why did they even hire you in the first place if they KNEW you had a full time day job, and wouldn't be able to attend the mandatory NON FLEXIBLE orientation. That is ridiculous. You should report that to their union, I'm sure they are not allowed to schedule workers for times they have stated from the beginning they will not be available.

PS- I recently learned Tasha is still a kid. I thought she was just a very unreasonable adult.

Since then I have just been ignoring/not reading her comments, and it's been much easier. Can't expect an emotionally unstable youth to use logic or reason.


LOL this has become hilarious!! :grin

@Tasha: You are a whack job, and belong in the looney bin.

Everyone else thank you for your comments.




*** walmart bunch of garbage managers who dont treat u with respect, i would not recommend working there


why walmart put no rehirring able on my application i cant i apply i never did nuffing wrong there so someone please help me :cry


i love walmart i got a interview 2marrow


"Why call them in if they...have conflicting schedules, or whatever the case may be. Like everyone knows, there are people in line behind them waiting for that same job...This all just seems like common sense...."

This was Muffypuff's point.

It makes common sense to me too. The time wasted in interviewing someone that would not be available for orientation could have been used in choosing someone whose hours fit and really needed a job. The store may have been taking a gamble in hoping that you would adjust your schedule for the orientation after finding out that you were hired. However, you probably would have appreciated knowing these orientation hours before taking time off your day job to get to an interview that was going to cause you to have to take more time off from your day job to do the orientation.

I think anyone would agree that putting your day job in jeopardy for an evening job is not smart. It was one thing to make sacrifices for the interview, but a whole week for an orientation. I don't see how that would have worked unless you have a VERY understanding boss and even then it may not be wise given the job market today. No one wants to give their boss a reason to let them go, and missing days at work would have been a red flag.

Your hirees should appreciate that you offer them more flexibility with orientation hours. I think a great many people commented negatively because they may feel that you should have been happy to get offered a job period, but everyone has priorities, and like I said, you don't put one job in jeopardy to get another. I applaud your effort in trying to keep both jobs separate as much as possible. It's not necessary for us to know your situation, but I think there's been a disservice of some on this forum to assume that your day job shouldn't have been a factor.

Although this may not have been the case with you, there are people who have a job during the day providing them so many hours and a certain amount of money and that they may have a long history with, and then they need extra income and look for something after hours to take up the slack, but again you don't jeopardize the first job in order to gain the second, especially if you need BOTH to pay the bills. Great post.

Don't be disturbed by the bullying from previous comments. You're the furthest thing from a two-year-old.




Seriously, it's like surreal performance art. I think it's also indicative of how the internet can be a very bad thing.

This person aired a grievance and was called a two year old?

What is wrong with you people? It's not his/her fault you're too lazy to read what was written.