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To whom it may concern,

I would like to give feedback on the current hiring process at Walmart. I was called into an interview at the Burbank location, and was offered a part time position as a Cashier that I was very excited to receive. I had stated on my application and verbally that I have a full time position, and that my availability was in the evening, and anytime on the weekends. When I had finished filling out my paperwork, and was told I had the job, the hiring manager said that Orientation was everyday from 10-7 for a week or more at times and there was no flexibility during this time. I don't understand how Walmart can require this amount of time from people who apply for Part time jobs. Most people applying for these positions are in school, work another day time job, have personal obligations like family, and children, and so forth. I was very disappointed to receive the position that I had hoped for, only to have to give it up due to the strict Orientation time frames.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Walmart sucks :roll


i work at walmart and most of us are full time 40 hrs a week


Sounds like you all got some issues there... :cry






Walmart does not have any full times employees anymore 27 to 32 hours is all you can expect and then you better not *** off your department manager if you want that


At least you were interviewed! I haven't had a job since 24th Sept 10 and I applied it has now been 60 days and I have heard NOTHING>>>

I know the holidays are busy,,busy but people need jobs...

I don't like their method of hiring only online at least it is around my I guess I will never get another job..


@ Well, I didn't know that we were arguing...

@ Not agree with you, I think your confused, and should read the posts completely before you make assumptions that are incorrect.

Like I said before, expect better, and maybe you will get better.

I call people in based on their availability, and our orientation sessions are scheduled accordingly to make sure all new hires can attend. Retail schedules are obviously open, and If I need to schedule myself later or earlier to make sure part time employees can attend, I do. They are applying for part time opposed to full time for a reason.


Are you claiming Tasha agrees with you. She does not she is just making fun of you.

As a matter of fact she did not post that comment to agree with you. She posted it to make fun of you. That does not count as agreeing. Perhaps some people agree with you but I notice they are either disgrunted employees people who have been fired.

I have been through an interview at Kmart and they have the training guidelines. Like others have said. If they had to set an orenitation for everyone they would be doing dozens of orientations and not having time for other things. You clearly are not an hiring manager if you were you would know this.

You are just someone who thinks the world revolves around you, and you can do things as you please. Hate to break this to you, but this is the work force. You can't just come and go as you please. You have to come when they want you to.

Not say oh I can't come right now I have other things to do. If you can't make it through orientation then what about when you actually have to work.

Wait a few years when you are more mature before reapplying. I am sure they told you about the orientation, however you probably only heard only what you wanted to here, just like you only read what you want to read.


Now you are getting blind, you are saying not all disagree. Like I told Tasha and like other's have observed you need to grow up. Anyways I am through arguing with someone who behaves like a six year old.


Not all disagree. And I know for a fact now that not all Walmart locations conduct themselves in that way. It was truly outrageous.


" okay to agree to disagree...that is what these forums are for. To hear others opinions."

You dont seem to like hearing other options. You seem to think that everyone else is wrong though they all disagreed with you.

As for Tasha, this person needs to learn that she is wrong here, and does not need you to give in to her just because she cannot admit she is wrong. Even if this person is as young as she is acting they need to be told when they are wrong.


Its okay to agree to disagree...that is what these forums are for. To hear others opinions.


Looks like you just want to argue. When we tell you you are right you still argue. Just want attention right?


Oh my goodness, once again missing the point...and just being plain rude. I don't think I'm the one acting immature judging from your posts.

Take a step back and put yourself in someone else's shoes. Next time you are looking for a job think about how you want to be treated. I'm sure you would want to be taken seriously, listened to, not just a number, called in without a care in the world by someone who could care less about your time.

Judging from a lot of posts on here, it seems like people are accustomed to being treated like ***. Expect better, and maybe you will get better.


Fine I will tell her what she wants to hear so she does not go grying to her mommy.


You are right everyone else is wrong. You are good everyone else is bad. You are smart everyone else dumb.


She did not understand that she is in the wrong on April 8, 2009 when she posted this letter. She still does not understand this now.

Why bother replying to her. She will never get it through her thick skull that she is wrong. Just ignore it and let her rant like a two year old.

BTW Tasha six year olds know better. She acts more two then six.


Who would hire a six hear old such as yourself as a hiring manager? Seriously you are one big child.

A lot of people are telling you that you are worng and you insist that you are right. In a six year old's point of view it is them that is right and everyone else who is wrong because they see things one sided as you do. Now all of a sudden this is about your quallifactions? I thought it was about you not being able to come in when you felt like it.

Seriously grow up.

You are not in the right here. They did their job, it is you who did not do her job by making sure you came in when they were doing orientation.


@Tahsa: Scheduling availability requires participation from both parties. So actually funny enough, I am currently working as a hiring manager!!

As someone who is responsible for calling people in, and conducting interviews, I really feel that hiring managers should be more considerate of other peoples time. It is important to them. Why call them in if they are not qualified, have conflicting schedules, or whatever the case may be. Like everyone knows, there are people in line behind them waiting for that same job, and managers who are disorganized, and just randomly call people in without checking in on their qualifications, and availability are just plain lazy.

This is what they are paid for. They should do their job, find the best candidate to meet the requirements of the role, and be a good listener.

Ultimately the goal is to be respectful, and increase productivity. This all just seems like common sense....


No Muffypuff just because they have set up particular hours for interviews does not mean they are disorginized. It is up to you to organize your schedule to meet theirs.

Most companies don't tell you about orenitation until you are hire. I see you wrote this letter over a year ago and you still act like a child. You have not grown up much in the 20 months since you wrote the letter. You are just like a six year old you could not get the job because of your priorities and you accuse them of being disorginized.

Perhaps when you are an adult you can find a job there. Till then learn to be more organized.

Also why would you want to work for an unorganized country. Sounds like sour grapes to me.