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To whom it may concern,

I would like to give feedback on the current hiring process at Walmart. I was called into an interview at the Burbank location, and was offered a part time position as a Cashier that I was very excited to receive. I had stated on my application and verbally that I have a full time position, and that my availability was in the evening, and anytime on the weekends. When I had finished filling out my paperwork, and was told I had the job, the hiring manager said that Orientation was everyday from 10-7 for a week or more at times and there was no flexibility during this time. I don't understand how Walmart can require this amount of time from people who apply for Part time jobs. Most people applying for these positions are in school, work another day time job, have personal obligations like family, and children, and so forth. I was very disappointed to receive the position that I had hoped for, only to have to give it up due to the strict Orientation time frames.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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:roll Haha, so when I posted this, I never thought it would get people so fired any case people are missing my point. This particular Walmart was very unorganized, and was good at wasting time, mine and their own.

I was very clear about timing and when I was available to be at the store. They had me come in anyway! I took off of work to be there early, I paid for the bus to get there....they could have just been straight forward from the beginning.

Why have people come in for an interview if they are not going to be able to attend orientation? Doesn't make any sense to me still, but....maybe I'm wrong who knows.


You were offered a position on the spot and rejected it instead of discussing things like an adult? *** you,you have a full time job you ungrateful ***.

Not many can even say that much these days. Many would gladly line up to take that job you stupidly rejected.


NO WAY :eek


I took a dump in a Walmart once.


I just started a new job yesterday and the orientation was from 6am until 1pm. My husband works 8:45am to 5:45pm and we have one car.

I drove him to work at 5 in the morning (Almost 4 hours before his shift started) so I could make that orientation class. Would it have been nice if they customized orientation just for me? Of course.

Let's be realistic, if 10 people need orientation to be at 10 different times..the person in HR would never get their other work done and would never get to leave. They gave you a job, appreciate it and stop acting like they owe you something.


:cry :x :sigh :zzz :p 8) :upset ;) :grin :) :eek :roll :? :( :cry


If its a start and its what you love, why not


You sound like a fun person to work with.


:cry All the people out of work and you whiner babies are complaining about your hours?


Unemployment at 10% and this homer is pissed because his SECOND job is going to cause a hassle. Maybe someone who would appreciate a FIRST job should take this one and this piece of art can go sell crack on the corner at a time that is more convienent.


Ok Davis. You must have f'ed up somewhere along the line.

Wal-Mart has a great system for orientation as well as hiring. I know people have their points against Wal-Mart, but come on, how many people get a full-time position offered to them on the spot.

Next time, maybe you won't decline the job, and rather discuss with them, not yell, that you aren't available at certain times. That's all it takes, but I'm sure you took the wrong road.


I HATE the place,Wish everyone of them would go broke.



Are you really complaining about this? How old are you?

If you are anywhere over the age of 16 or so then you should be ashamed of yourself. Do you really expect them to schedule around YOUR time? You are the one that needs the job, make the time! You also expect them to pay for your transportation to work?

What planet do you live on? And to top it off, you got fired for the same f****d up attitude from Target. Do you see a pattern here? Every WTF in your post should have an arrow pointed straight back at your dumb ***.

Nobody owes you a living so you need to screw your head on straight and remember who's writing the checks. The fact that you think you've been done wrong is incomprehensible...kind of like your single-sentence posts, with no punctuation. You lied about family emergencies and you're going to cry about the manager getting the number of times wrong? Nobody likes a drama queen in the workplace and Target claiming that you were not a team player was their way of being nice.

The truth're a lazy, irresponsible, *** that has no clue as to how the world really works and that thinks everybody else owes you a living.

Grow up Davis. If you can't even keep a job at Wal-Mart, you're in for a world of disappointment.


WTF, the manager just told me I was no longer hired. They hired me and less than a week they "fired" me.

All because I told them how *** they are to make me do the training at their time. I told them I had family emergency and she told me and lied to me and said that i said this five times at least this is a lie it was only four times and i had to say family emergency because that is the only excuse they will accept. they refuse to pay for my transportation to work they say it is the employees job. wtf when i told them how *** they are they said they did not want me anymore, now i have three children to feed and no job because they don't want to work with me.

they said they called me five time and i said no you did not we argued i called her a *** and she told me to leave and not come back.

i wont not even to shop. had another experience at target like this where they said my attitude was not team player.


I to had a problem they asked me to come in on saturday to start orintation I let the lady know I would not be able to make it in do to a family emergency could she possible do monday she then stated she did not have time to do orintation for one person and this was my last time being offered and sat orintation or my postion would be quickly filled. She also stated that someone called me to show up the weekend before and I never came totally false i was hired on wed the 30th the man who interviewed me told my to give them til weds of the following week for them to get my stuff together drug test background check never once had I been called to show up on a saturday and then she says if i could sneak out and join them in orintation WTF.Now I have to take a cab or bus to work because all my family AND CARS will be out of town.


To be honest, be happy you got offered and hired for a full-time position on the spot.


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


Grow up, seriously, if you really want the job than you would make time. It is only a week or so.

You gave it up because like Brett said you want to come at your time. That is not how the working world works.

They call you when they need you. If you cannot come than quit.




Weird, I just got hired as a part-time cashier too and they were very flexible as far as Orientation went...that's puzzling.