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Bought aHisence TV Last January ,now here it is 4 months after the Warranty .No one wants to step up to the plate and,make good on a 384$ purchase. I am a senior citizen I need someone to replace my set to a working set that's what I paid you guys to sell are the largest retailer around you should stand by your product

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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So, about a dozen posts on a site that isn't even associated with Walmart is going to help?


Have you heard of a Manufacturer's warranty? You know, the one probably printed in either the very front, or back of the owners manual?


I am not yet a senior citizen, but I do so hope that when I become one I don't lose my apparently juvenile sensibilities regarding basic reality.

Walmart, be they the "largest retailer around", or not, doesn't OWE me a damed thing beyond their publicized terms and conditions (That would be 90 days, dude). And, of course, I hope to, at least, to lovingly remember my juvenile ability to recognize the big, bold, printed word "Warranty" and follow the fairly direct and simple directions printed on that page.

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