Artesia, New Mexico
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I was at a WalMart in Artesia, New Mexico and when I pulled up everyone there was Hispanic even the attendant. I told this woman I wanted 34.00 on pump 1 she said What?

I repeated myself again then gave her the money and left to walk over to the pump as I left I notice a Hispanic gentleman walk up after me to pay for his gas while I wait everyone is pumping gas but mine I return and tell her to please turn the pump on. She finally turns the pump on after everyone there has pumped gas and I am the only one left. And also it is 104 degrees out! I talked to the manager about this and he said what day was this?

I told him and he said oh yes that was one of the days we had trouble with our pumps.

Come on why were there no signs out saying you were having trouble with the pumps! And also I have a niece and a nephew who are Hispanic and a sister in law who is Apache also my sons girlfriends father is Black.So I am not being prejudiced in anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Yes. Yes Isee.

The Hispanic lady left you standing in the heat while she started everyone's pump. Then when you were the only one left in THAT HEAT, she turned your pump on.


That's ALL you've got???? Good luck with that.


ITs time for some hangings!