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We shop at Walmart in Holly Springs Ms all the time, or at least we did for years but this weeded was my last stop there. I am just as close to Olive Branch so that's where I'll go for now on.

If you go there in the morning and I don't mean like 6 am, a LOT of times, they won't even have a cashier working the front capable of running a register or they're off somewhere else. Do you know how hard it is for a person with a basket full of groceries to stand and check out 100-200 dollars worth of products on one of those tiny little self check-outs and the other thing is never working? They won't keep a cashier there to help people with a large amount of products. It's like this every other time we go in and I don't blame it on the Cashiers.

I blame it on the management. Quite apparently they don't know what they're doing because they have someone on self check out so why don't they give this person access to a cash register ? The little girl the had working there wasn't at fault. She even ask the manager for help and he just looked at me and walked off like I wasn't even there.

The other cashier that was supposed to be there,and apparently the only one with access to a register, was off on break from what the young girl said. It's not their fault. I don't blame the cashiers I blame bad management and bad staff scheduling and putting people on the front that they don't give access to a register. I mean what's the point of putting people on t he front in the service area and you don't give them access to a cash register.

You know how angry it makes customers to come into this store time and time again and have to self check out a WHOLE BASKET full of 50-100 items or more? This isn't just every now and then either. We shop mainly in the morning from around 8 am up until around 10 or so and it happens off and on all the time. When we come in , we usually come in together.

Between the two of us, we probably spent an average of 300-400 dollars a trip once or twice a week in that store. I'm not going back in there. I've started doing most of my walmart shopping online now. I'm just telling you.

IT SUCKS that you can't go into a store the size of Walmart and get waited on. And by the way , That agree with one of the other comments I read on another forum about them. Some of the employees need some diversity or personality training or something. Most of them are as sweet as you can be and have worked there for years, but I've ran into a couple lately that have some kind of attitude problem and that includes this weekend manager.

When the young girl they had working the check out area asked him for help or asked to get into a register so she could check me out, he just looked at me like "well screw 'em' mumbled something to her that didn't sound like it was complimentary to anyone , and he walked his behind off into precious office never to return. If you don't know how to appropriately schedule people and give them access to a register so they can check out customers as necessary, then you have to be willing to come out and do the job yourself when necessary. I worked management for years. You folks have A LOT of complaints in this area online.

It's not just me. The managers are at fault here. They always understaff very busy times and they're never around to fill the gap. Anyway, you've lost 2 good customers here and from the comments I get from people here all the time, I'd assume you've lost a lot more.

The complaints are always the same and there's plenty of them here online and from locals. People complain all the time about it. I'm certainly not going back. It's not worth the headache.

It really *** me off when I go spend the kind of money I spend in a store this size and I have to check myself out on one of those things .. Do you know how long it takes to do that and try to put it all on one of those little things? GOOD BYE ..We'll spend our 20 GRAND a year at Olive Branch or Kroger or somewhere from now on . It's not worth the headache.

To the managers, Do your job. You're the ones driving customers away ..

It's not the cashiers. I'm sure it's just as frustrating to THEM having to listen to customers get angry about it over and over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Customer Care and Staffing training for the Management.

I liked: Cashiers are nice enough most of the time.

I didn't like: Poor management skills with bad attitude.

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I think it's like that in all of these big retail stores now. They hire whoever they can hire the cheapest and fill the openings.

You would think they would be glad to have a job but it doesn't seem to be that way. I think most of these low wage workers have the attitude , justscrew it , I'll quit and go somewhere else. There's so many of these retail jobs out there now that pay $10 an hour , they can just move around every week and somebody will hire them.

I've seen some of these people work in local stores in our area a half dozen different times over the years. They'll quit or get fired, somebody else buys the business or the old boss gets desperate and needs help and hires them back I guess.


They suckthat's for sure.. I think most of the people that work there are just slow or something and I don't mean slow workers either.. I guess you get what you pay for.


It's busy and the lines are always backed up on the weekends. Cashiers just take their time like they ain't got nothin to do ..


I have to agree with you. I'm an older woman and I don't care anything about trying to check out on those self check things and I have left because of it.

It's hard to know whether to go there and do grocery shopping or not because you don't know if you'll have to ring all your things up on one of those contraptions or not. I too spend a lot of money when I go grocery shopping. Who wants to go into a store and have to run dozens of items over one of those things, put it up on the counter , check yourself out and then have to bag it all up? Are you kidding me?

I go to Big Star or Penny Pinchers now to do all of my actual grocery shopping.

I still go to grab something if I need it but not for groceries. I'm too old to do all of that by myself.


The Walmart where I live always has an associate at the self service center and they are always helpful and friendly.


Do you actually expect us to believe you spend $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 a year at Walmart?I don't believe you.

to ransom #1466745

Who cares what you believe? Everybody isn't on Food Stamps ...

to ransom #1466748

I didn't hear anyone say anything about 40 K ... I know a lot of people that spend 10-20 k a year at Walmart between groceries, automotive , electronics .. That's why my credit card has a 20K limit.


Definitely footnotes, cliff notes would require too much alt ernative research for an onlinet r 0 ll


This complaint is a novel that is too long to read.

to Anonymous #1464643

Skip it. You want facts, read the novel or base everything you know off the foot notes

to Anonymous #1464658

Probably one of the managers. They love it when you post about them online.

to Anonymous #1465043

foot notes...or cliff notes.

to Anonymous #1467432

You don't know the difference do you? lol

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