Saint Martinville, Louisiana
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Three separate times I have purchased food items at the store only to find out they were expired and spoiled when I got home.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You would think after the first time, you'd check the labels before purchasing. But sure, let's blame Wal-Mart. If they don't bother reading their own stock, why should you?

First B

You have a point, but by law they like have to check for expiry dates every day, and I think if they find food on the shelves that is supposed to be frozen even if they think it was left there five minutes ago they have to throw it out. That is how they, and grocery stores have some loss, they have angry customers, fired employees get revenge by filling out a cart and leaving the food to get bad so the store loses money.


Here is the simple solution, don't buy food from Walmart, I have no issue with other things that I buy from there, but I would never buy fruits or vegetables. I don't know why you would give them a third chance.

I had rotten food once, and I thought it was just something that was overlooked, when it happened a second time I know it is the store, but from your review and other reviews it is the company.