Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
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This store has horrible customer service. On 6/14/14 I called and spoke with a manager named Curtis in automotive, he informed me that if I came in on 6/15/14 at 9:00 am he would have me out by 9:45 am.

I arrived at 8:45 am. At 9:05 the automotive center doors was not open. I called to store on my cell and ask to speak to a manger the lady answering the phone told me that I could not speak with a manager and that she would take a message (wow). At 9:15 the doors were still locked to the automotive center and no one would answer the phone in that department.

I then walked around to garden and came in the store, there was a service technician named Jona working who informed me that he was the only one there and he could not open the doors and the 7 people outside waiting to get in would have to wait until a manager came in. As of 9:36 on 06/15/14 and the automotive center was still not open and customers were still waiting outside.

At 9:40 an assistant manager named Pat came to automotive to take the alarm off. This is unexceptable..

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