Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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This happened to me as well. I ordered 2 hover boards at $499.00 each.

Same thing - order processed, with mailing label created only. I ordered on Nov. 29th. Tasharina corp.

kept telling me via email only over and over that the items had been shipped and that I would be receiving them, and that I just needed to be patient. I called customer service who says they can not do anything and that I have to contact Tasharina. They did provide me with phone number but no one from Tasharina corp. ever calls back.

I left 3 messages. Only after I reported it as fraud to the credit card that I used for the purchase - and they began investigating - I received an email from Walmart that the Tasharina corp. had not received their supply and that the order would not be fulfilled. They did say there would now be a refund.

However, if that explanation from walmart was accurate then why was Tasharina corp promising it had been shipped and that I just needed to be patient. They were committing fraud during this holiday season and are now getting caught.

I hope you get your refund from Walmart, also. Walmart should have to be liable for correcting all of it since it was sold on their site!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I order one on nov 28, 2015 same thing with me but my tracking information said I should have it on dec 21, 2015. It took forever for it to start showing in transit. For the longest time my said the same as your and she told me same thing will let you know if I get it tomorrow


Just received my emails from Walmart and my refund credited back to Paypal. Walmart just offered a $25 electronic gift card for an online purchase for inconvenience-not sure I'll ever order from Walmart again.