Belgrade, Montana

I used to love going to Walmart, now I avoid it if at all possible. My discontent started when they stopped valuing "American Made" products.

So they want our money, just not our product! Then I made a special trip to get my special cleaning products, which are known and proven to me. GONE. Generic bottles, of GOD knows what filled the shelves.

I walked out pissed. The aggravation continues with automated self check out, which I despise! OR, you could get in one of the few LONG checkout lines and wait forever. Why employee Americans!?!

Just take their money. Fabric department (which I also enjoyed) GONE. Music CD's (also bought many there) very few nowadays,Hispanic section larger than English. Quality of many products is cheap.

Clothing materials now collects lint better than the cheap lint rollers they now sell. My dollar will be voting elsewhere, whenever possible!

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I avoid them when possible too. But, there really aren't many alternatives when you consider all the big box stores followed their lead and get their junk from China too. A few months ago when looking into buying a new TV, I looked online for an American TV manufacturer. There

is only one, and it has only one factory line that works only part time so they can claim they are an American manufacturer so they can sue other companies for underselling in the American market. So, how can you buy an American product when many simply are no longer made anyone?

What I find sad about this, is I don't hear politicitions saying this is part of why the economy isn't recovering because the jobs no longer exist. Get in front of the American public and ask companies to bring the jobs back. They probably won't do it, but at least the ball will be in their court. Americans want to blame the government for the economy, when it's our fault as consumers, and the companies we do business with.


They buy the cheapest product because, believe it or not, people want the lowest prices. How *** of them to sell what the majority of people want?

CD's are disappearing all over the world. People are downloading music more and more. Wal-Mart certainly isn't the only one following this trend.

Perhaps you need a lesson in supply and demand. If Wal-Mart was selling a ton of CD's, that section would get bigger. If they don't sell as much, it's gets smaller. Same with every product in the store. The store isn't specifically catered to you, it's catered to the masses. The Hispanic population is rising and demand for Hispanic items is rising too. I guess Wal-Mart shouldn't stock Hispanic items because it bothers poor little you.

As far as the long lines go, if you don't like them, put in an application and help out. Be a part of the solution and not the problem. Help solve the problem instead of just complaining.



Wallymart hates USA jobs. They worked with fellow hick Clinton to give China prefered trade status (PNTR).

So who do they think will buy their China junk with no decent USA jobs?

Greedy, shortsighted fools.